Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Trump Fires Lewandowski

We are in trouble, and Trump is a son of a bitch

Heads will roll when it’s TIME, even successful ones. And as for failure (CIA, FBI, DOJ in 2001 and in 2003 anyone?) ..


Anonymous said...

Lewandowski speaks for himself on Fox & Friends 9 minute video

Pastorius said...

You post, THAT'S the reason the Elites - whether Democrat, Republican, Academic, or Meda - are LINED UP IN A FIRING SQUAD, ALL COCKED TO ATTEMPT TO KILL TRUMP by whatever means are necessary.


thelastenglishprince said...

None of us is guaranteed life-time employment. We live in a democracy not a Marxist state.

I have not kept up with the news regarding Lewandowski being let go. He has not been the first and he will not be the last. Campaigns must move in a fluid manner using the best talent to get the job done.

Undoubtedly, the (former) campaign manager has walked away from the most exciting and stressful year of his life with a decent severance package and/or the gift of a new employer. That is more than most of us can ever hope for when being let go from employment.

Always On Watch said...

Trump will be lucky to be able to stay alive through all this onslaught!

Anonymous said...

He's either a hero or a fool. I fear for his life. He is going against a most powerful force. Time will tell, but in my modest opinion, our society is too far gone for Trump to attempt to change the course. It would be in his best interest to quit, and live the rest of his life in comfort surrounded by his family. He is sacrificing all that to occupy a position already degraded by Obama, in a chaotic world, also ruined by Obama, being attacked on all fronts. Is it worth it? He obviously thinks so, and for that he is either a hero, or a fool, I repeat.