Tuesday, June 21, 2016

All you ‘conservatives’ who think STEM will save your kids from FREE TRADE as we do it…

China made the world’s fastest supercomputer using its own chips
The Sunway TaihuLight doesn’t need foreign processors to crush its rivals.

Have some more.

China Makes New Supercomputing Gains
For first time, China places more machines than the U.S. on Top500 list

China no longer needs America’s help to build the world’s fastest supercomputer

Hillary mean MORE OF THIS.

Take a good look at your kids, all you erudite folks who think your high level of education and your kids doing well in school, or private school is lock on their CHANCES for the future. They’re headed for a certain Shanghai suburb’s engineering after learning Mandarin and Cantonese if they will have that future, and FAR OUT OF YOUR LIVES.

If they remain here, they will be just like those folks in West Virginia ‘SOMEONE’ says are SOL and probably should move to where the jobs  are after retraining, and away from their families.

Otherwise, they’re just another person who used to have a career in Flint, or Pontiac, or Akron.

And you?


Always On Watch said...

And the college debt!

Epaminondas said...

Oh, you are worried about that?

Don't worry, when it becomes clear how many of these kids will never have the OPPORTUNITY to pay back the debt, YOU WILL PAY IT FOR THEM AoW.

Always On Watch said...


Pastorius said...

Yes, Epa. I agree with you. My daughter wanted to borrow money to go away to college. She is an adult, so she could make that decision to do so.

HOWEVER, I am old school, and I highly discouraged her from borrowing money if she could not foresee a way to pay it back. This is an approach from an older generation. I feel bad for having taught her an old idea which may be outmoded in the current world.

She did not borrow the money. She is staying home and going to college here instead.

You can imagine all the conflict in my home and in my head and in her head about all that revolves around my old outmoded idea.

I will be resented for years, even though it was, in the end, her decision.

But whatever. This is part of what it means to be moral. If we want to be moral, we have to choose to not care so much what others may think, and just do what we believe to be the right thing, painful as it may be.

Always On Watch said...

I know parents who took out home equity loans to fund the children's college educations. Out of state.

Now, their houses aren't worth enough to sell so as to get out from under the debt load.

The kids don't have decent jobs in their chosen fields (engineering, mostly).

I have read about parents who have cosigned their kids' college loans. Bad result.

Always On Watch said...

I am old school. I stayed home to go to college. I had a full-ride scholarship for the first 2 years and worked to pay for the second 2 years (with a bit of help from my parents and my grandmother).

Back then, I knew very few who took out loans so as to get an undergrad degree. Degrees beyond that? A different story.

Pastorius said...

There was no way I am cosigning on these loans. NO WAY.

I see the writing on the wall.

We have a dearth of Entrepreneurial spirit in America.

If Trump gets elected, this will be reborn.

If not, it will be dead forever, and those loans would be impossible to pay off.

Then again, inflation may get so bad that $100K means nothing.

It already means almost nothing.