Sunday, February 19, 2017

In which I sadly admit, John McCain has FORFEITED my respect

While OUTSIDE the borders, I believe Mr. McCain allowed his (justifiable) personal hatred of Trump to get the better of both his judgement AND his patriotism and loyalty, ESPECIALLY as he has MOSTLY been loved by the press.
Mr. McCain who earned his status as hero the hardest of ways, and yet live, has simply gone as FAR over the line as you can go in calling the the acts of the President the acts of a dictator while in a foreign land.
He makes no distinction between the REAL and undoubted #FAKENEWS incidence of an overwhelmingly hostile press which has excused itself IN WRITING from objectivity, and which called the president UNAMERICAN, and a critical and sometimes adversarial press.
I have called Trump’s statement about the press waaaaaay over a line.
This is worse.
This was not some aside to CNN in the halls of Congress, or mentioned on a flight home with WaPo around. This was premeditated and purposeful.


This is something you say one on one to the person you are concerned with, with a warning that if the process that brought the statement about does not end, public condemnation will occur.
McCain has good reason to despise Trump, and he is right, for those reasons to do so, but that has absolutely NOTHING to do with what he did yesterday in any means that count.
Worse still, there is no way back for McCain. He cannot unsay this. He cannot take away the damage. He cannot make it better.
He is now in another land, any way you look at it.
Sad, very sad, but that is #HOWITIS.
Sometimes this happens.


Anonymous said...

McCain was re-elected to a six year term -likely as a result of Trumps late endorsement...adding salt to an open wound.

Perhaps one clear response would be to challenge the media's persistence that there is no evidence of widespread vote fraud by Trump's initiation of an investigation into vote tampering/fraud by starting with the state of Arizona. The same state which voted out the popular Sheriff Arpaio in 2016.

Let's let the cards fall where they may, eh McCain?

Anonymous said...

Epa, you are late. He forfeited my respect when he traveled to Cairo with Graham to carry water for Obama trying to get Morsi's release, his pics with members of the Brotherhood, etc.

He is a senator of the nation, he lost his marbles some time ago. It is impossible for him to be that ignorant. Where are his researchers, assistants, advisers, etc.? He cannot be let loose like this around the world making a fool of himself, the people who put him in power, and his nation.