Sunday, January 15, 2006

Little Egypt in New York City

Are Muslims to be exempt from New York City laws? Yes, if Councilmen Peter Vallone has his way. There is a two block stretch on Steinway Street, Astoria, where you’ll find Arabic signs, bearded men wearing nightgowns (as in Kuwait), and several shops where men (no women) are smoking some “tobacco concoction” out of water pipes. The neighbors complain about the smell and the fact that the smoking violates Mayor Bloomberg’s draconian anti-smoking laws. Muslims believe they should be exempt from these laws.

Of course, just about everything is covered by Sha’ria law, perhaps, even smoking. But should Muslims be exempt from all American laws in lieu of Sha’ria?

Come to think of it, there are laws from which I’d like exemption. Perhaps I should found a religion like Mohammad, who got messages from Allah whenever he wanted exemption from local tradition and laws. April 15th isn’t too far off and wait … I hear Gabriel’s voice, yep, I don’t have to pay taxes. Yeeehaaa!


Epaminondas said...

If this happens, then american women should do exactly as the US navy does, when freedom of the seas are in question, that is, IMMEDIATELY enter the premises and insist on their consitutional rights. If there is violence, sue the mosques (just like we broke aryan nation) for inciting hate crimes based on what they preach there.

If no smoking laws are being violatied, enforce them, with lady police.

Vallone should then be impeached, tarred and feathered and thrown into the Hudson.

Pastorius said...

That's a good idea, about American women going to mosques and then suing for violations of human rights, and the violence which would ensue.

Ideas like these need to be organized.

Why aren't we doing stuff like this?

Always On Watch said...

Jason: April 15th isn’t too far off and wait … I hear Gabriel’s voice, yep, I don’t have to pay taxes. Yeeehaaa!


Are Muslims really going to be exempt from NYC laws?

What's in those hookahs anyway? And why can't we women have some?

I have so many questions! Hehehe.

Jason Pappas said...

Actually, I don’t know if women are forbidden or they just have more sense. When I passed those places I only saw men. It was an odd sight … bearded men in flowing gowns (more like nite-gowns as I remember) smoking out of water-pipes. It looked like a picture of Haight-Ashberry circa 1967. Only I don’t believe that these guys are pacifists.

Krishna109 said...

I'm glad this was posted. It seems to me that it calls attention to several issues. Amongst them:

1. Muslims demanding that they be given special treatment. Principles that have been unquestioned for many years in democratic countries are suddenly challenged by Muslim immigrants (for example, free speech and equal rights for women). Why should exceptions suddenly be made for this one group? It seems to me that we either believe in these principles & uphold them for everyone-- or we don't.

2.A different, yet related, issue: Dhimmis who support special treatment for Muslims. Groups of dhimmis in many countries suddenly being willing to give up their rights in order to defend the (undemocratic) beliefs and practices of Muslim immigrants. Many do not yet see that inherently there is a clash of values-- the dhimmis want to defend "tolerance"-- but what they are actually being "tolerant" of is-- intolerance!

Some of the hypocracy is really extreme. There are many examples-- one that comes to mind is that many of the so-called "womens' rights" groups will make a big fuss over a woman being exposed to sexual innuendos in the office-- but refuse to acknowledge issues like FGM ("female genital mutilation"), gang rape, honor killings, and various other forms of persecution women face in many (i.e. Islamic) countries.

Another example: dhimmis who campaign against any manifestation of religion in public life-- as long as its not Islam! (The same folks who vehemently oppose, say, a manger in a public square or any teaching of Judeo-Christian principles in the schools will fight for special rights for Moslems in the schools...)

It seems to me that many people who call themselves "Liberals" end up defending the most "Il-liberal" practices. I wonder when they will begin to realize this?

Kiddo said...

Yes, I have often pondered this hypocrisy of being so tolerant as to tolerate intolerance. Was going to write an article, but the subject keep growing so I end up with many sub-topic articles instead.

I would like to see dhimmitude declared a crime and a violation of human rights. How do we force this issue?

I had stickers made with a null sign over the word DHIMMI to try and spread the word, but now that I am getting used to the internet it seems an appropriate forum for "rallying the troops", as it were.