Saturday, April 19, 2008

Controlled Demolitions At The Home Of UK Terror Suspect

Just the other day, British Home Secretary Jacqui Smith told reporters that British police and intelligence were monitoring over 22,000 terror suspects, and 30 active terror plots.

I guess they decided this one was far enough along that they had better intervene.

For the past couple of days, British police have been combing through the home of Andrew Ibrahim and finding things they feel they need to blow up, before those things blow up themselves.

I guess that would be bombs, right?

From Sky News:

A second controlled explosion will be carried out at the Bristol home of a terror suspect overnight, Avon and Somerset Police have said.

Sky sources said the man arrested before a controlled explosion at the house is Andrew Ibrahim. Police have been granted extra time to question him.

About 30 people were removed from 14 neighbouring homes in Westbury-on-Trym as the blast took place at the 19-year-old's home.

Avon and Somerset assistant chief constable Jackie Roberts said they had been granted a further seven days to question the man who was arrested on Thursday.

She said the suspect is being questioned at an undisclosed police station.

Ms Roberts told a news conference that residents were regularly being kept informed of developments.

She did not rule out further arrests but refused to identify the suspect or his ethnicity.

Shocked neighbours told how they woke up at around 2am on Friday after hearing the blast - one said it was so loud it sounded like a plane crashing.

Sky News home affairs correspondent Mark White said it was not yet known whether the suspect was working alone or with others.

He added: "We should get an indication later of what materials there might have been at the house.

"There will be an immense public appetite for knowing what went on at that address."

Ms Roberts said the investigation also involved the Metropolitan Police and followed a "number of covert inquiries".

She added: "This is likely to be a prolonged, complex and sensitive inquiry which may take some time."

Police would not reveal what sort of materials were blown up.

The house, in Comb Paddock, a cul-de-sac on the border of the Southmead area of Bristol, is likely to be cordoned off for the remainder of the day.

Ms Roberts added: "We would like to reassure people that this arrest has been made to prevent harm."

Locals said the man under arrest had not been in the house long but described him as polite.

One said he was heavily built and often seen wearing traditional Muslim dress and carrying a satchel.

Inspector Mark Jackson said the evacuated residents were taken to a nearby hotel for the night, and he hoped to return them to their homes as soon as possible.

The suspect can be held for up to 28 days under terror laws.

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