Thursday, April 24, 2008

Storm Track Infiltration: Britons Fear Race Violence

There have been many stories of how the UK is slowly descending into dhimmitude as their leaders through shovel after shovel of multicultural and politically correct dirt on the cultural grave of Briton.

What will save that country is obviously not its leadership but its common citizens who can see through the political BS that they are living in a multicultural utopia that their leaders shovel in order to maintain a uneasy peace with their Muslim population.

A recent poll in Briton bears this out.

Read the rest at The Gathering Storm.


Anonymous said...

Surrender or Genocide by Baron Bodissey illuminates the stark reality of such race division/violence.

Such, however, is not limited to the UK or the EU.

Yesterday as I passed a home displaying a large adulterated American flag and a yard sign for "Obama '08".

Our beautiful stars and stripes were changed to green stars with alternating green/black/red stripes, similar to this rendition of black liberation theology.

So much for Obama's "Yes, we can", "Unity", "Change".

The world is going stark raving mad.

Damien said...

This is one of the reasons way I oppose gun control. The people of Europe might be more willing to resist, if they could better defend themselves. They also need to stop with this no go zone nonsense and enforce the law, regardless of how dangerous the areas are. So what if Muslims are rioting and won't obey your law? Make them obey or throw them out of the country. If you have to kill some of them in the process, so be it. It will be the police defending themselves against street thugs. There is nothing shameful in that. Speaking of Sharia, we really should consider passing a constitutional amendment specifically banning Sharia in any form. I know we already have the first amendment, but we need to affirm Sharia's total incompatibility with individual rights. We should make sure the amendment lists everything that is wrong with Islamic law. This will make it harder for the cultural Jihad to succeed in America. Every European should also consider amending their country's constitutions as well. Do any of any of you like my ideas?
What do you think?