Sunday, April 20, 2008

Ahmadinejad Explained

This is a very thorough description of the nutcase that Obama will sit down and chat with. Me thinks Obama will be in way over his head with this one.

Ahmadinejad Phenomenon
Author: Jahanshah Rashidian (Iran/Germany) - April 19, 2008

Among the IRI’s seniors, president Ahmadinejad is more known for his fierce rhetoric and odd behaviour. His absurd comments, lack of rationality, revolting habits and odd gestures suggest a personal immaturity or even abnormality.

In his speeches, he usually sinks himself into a hectic and incoherent stance in which his words go so beyond the limits of decorum that even some of his companions feel embarrassed about him.–even the most inexperienced and insecure politicians rarely engage in spontaneous outbursts like he does.

Ahamadinejad displays a skilful ability to deceive, manipulate, and con the unwary, while seeming perfectly sincere. The self-proclaimed “street cleaner of the people,” can raise a bogus enthusiasm among his followers. However, his words echo hatred, threats and terror against others. His words have made the entire world to raise its eyebrows. Even his supporters in the regime are shaking their heads in embarrassment. And yet, as loony as he may seem, it would be a grave mistake not to take him dangerously.

Ahamadinejad’s speech gaffes are well known. Some of his verbal blunders or odd phrases are more than just simple mistakes. At Columbia University of New York, last September, he claimed that there are no homosexuals living in Iran. For the word “homosexual”, he spewed a vulgar word, “hamjensbaz”, in Persian that brought his Iranian audience to a mocking laughter.

Then, in front of people who did not speak Arabic, Ahamadinejad began reciting verses from the Koran in Arabic, and continued on with a sermon of cheap sentiments, still in Arabic, for 20 embarrassing minutes that could make even an Arabic speaking audience question this man’s sanity. While boasting his perspective as “an academic”, he proclaimed that the role of science is to serve Islam, and that any science not in the service of Islamic goals is corrupt. As he described it, “Science is the light, and scientists are to be pure and pious. Even if humanity achieves the highest level of physical and spiritual knowledge, as long as its scholars and scientists are not pure, then this knowledge cannot serve the interests of humanity.” Elaborating on this notion, he argued that a great majority of scientists are corrupt because they are serving corrupt governments that reject the pure and pious path of Islam.

Read the rest of this excellent post at Mideast Youth.


Damien said...

The fact alone that Obama thinks you can reason with someone like Ahmadinejad is reason enough to think he isn't fit to president.

Anonymous said...

Not only that, but there is no way in the world, given his own ideological foundation and personal inclinations, that Obama can issue a flat rejection of Ahmadinejad without alienating his own constituency. But I don't believe he has any intention of "reasoning" with Ahmadinejad in the way he would have his audience understand the term. Obama will dance with this devil as long as it takes to find the common ground where their mutual interests meet: the destruction or radical transformation of Western culture. The question is whether he understands the apocalyptic nature of Ahmadinejad's plan. Obama is no shaheed; he is unlikely to welcome the prospect of nuclear holocaust for the purpose of inducing the 12th Imam to reappear. He is more likely to believe that he can control the beast -- much like those who thought they could control Hitler and use him to their own ends, only to end up as his tools instead.

Christine said...

As this article points out, Nejad's behavior as a "nutjob" is a cover. Obama is naive, as naive as those who dealt with Hitler initially. In this day and age, it is much more dangerous. The Democrats could very well "allow" Nejad enough rope to obtain nukes. This of course would be in the interest of "fairness". Allowing Iran to work towards the "innocent" use of nuclear energy.

We know damn well Iran has no need for nuclear energy. And Nejad's use of doublespeak has allowed him to get a lot farther along in the nuclear process, than we should feel safe with.

Dark days ahead.

Damien said...
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Damien said...


Your right, if Obama wins there will be dark days ahead. These terrorist will enjoy playing him for a fool. We could pay with our lives, for his nativity and wishful thinking.