Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Pamela Geller's interview of the aunt of Amina and Sarah Said, who were murdered in the Dallas, Texas, area a few months ago.

From what I've listened to in that interview, the murders of these beautiful girls was that of a Moslem honor killing.

Right here in the United States!

Spend an hour to hear what the girls' aunt had to say.

Why aren't the media giving this story wall-to-wall coverage?


Anonymous said...

AAW, I just listened to the broadcast and I left Pam a comment that I want to help. I'm going to contact the people in Texas. Meanwhile, do you know if anyone has made up "wanted posters" of Yasser and/or has photos of him and of the girls that can be reproduced? I'm way up in the Northeast and the only way to get attention for this case up here is to rattle some cages. That means getting this story and those faces in front of people who will notice. I may also have a couple of people who will help.

Mother Effingby said...

Did you check out the mother's MySpace site? I don't know where to begin with their mother. Degenerate, delusional, despicable, a myspace design that will make you go legally blind.

Always On Watch said...

I think that something about Yaser Said appeared a while back at Ameerica's Most Wanted. You might want to see if that site has some kind of poster available.

Always On Watch said...

I haven't yet looked at the mother's MySpace site. I guess that I'll have to take a look.

Anonymous said...

I wasn't aware, but by the current reports, the girls were also raped (or there was some allegation of sexual impropriety) by the father at ages 8-9. The more I read about this case and the family the sicker it becomes; makes the current Texas polygamist brouhaha pale in comparison.

Anonymous said...

I listened to the tape with some difficulty as I was disrupted several times with my computer shutting down IE because of some glitch with 'flash'(?). It was late so I tried to grasp what I could in bits and pieces. I simultaneously found myself reading a recent blog discussion which appeared to be attended by both the son, Islam and the girls mother - both illiterate twits of the highest order.
At one point in the blog discussion Tissie as much as admits the dad killed the girls but she was too stupid to realize what she said . . .
April 12, 2008 at 5:14 pm
just because he was muslim he did it for other reasons!!! thats ignorance!!!


Anyway, did I hear Atlas' interview correctly. . .did the girls call home within 15 minutes of leaving on that fateful day and the mother refused to answer the phone?

Gah! That would make her an accomplice - no?

Anonymous said...

As much as I, too, want the perpetrator of these heinous murders to be caught, I also hope for better public and professional education on dishonor killings. Right now, there are probably other young girls and women at risk in America. Like Amina and Sarah, they are probably crying out for help. . .but likely to people who don't know enough about these crimes to recognize the very real dangers.

Ellen R. Sheeley, Author
"Reclaiming Honor in Jordan"

Anonymous said...


I sent a little money to the NTCC fund and asked if they have any material that could be copied and redistributed. (AMW is still claiming the don't know what could have caused this senseless tragedy, blah blah...) I live next door to a very active tourist town, Salem, MA, which has several prominent bulletin boards I could tack "wanted posters" on. Also I have good access to the whole Greater Boston area. If nothing else it would help raise awareness. Pam says there may even be a tie between Said and his brothers and Al Qaeda members.

The mother is an obese piece of trailer trash who sent those girls out with that man even though she knew he had threatened them, had molested them, was planning to marry them off to Egyptians, was a fanatical Muslim, knew about their American boyfriends, and was violent. They should get her for accessory to murder and let her fat can rot in some Texas prison for the rest of her worthless life. The brother is a carbon copy of the father, who is still his hero, and he blames the girls for breaking the "rules". If Said is still in the US I bet he wants to get hold of that kid when he reaches adulthood. Make a nice little jihadist, would Islam.