Friday, April 25, 2008

You get the government you deserve? In which I do blame america first

I read with interest Peggy Noonan - synopsis:Obama is blowing it big time, Bush HAS blown it in perpetuity among the republicans, even in Lubbock Texas, and there will be long term consequences, for the natin and inside the republican party

In the Times of London, Gerard Baker pins the tail on the donkey : Obama and Clinton two cynical losers. I haven't seen it put better than this anywhere...

Eight years of George Bush, an unpopular war and a recession have handed the Democrats their best chance, not merely of winning their first presidential election in 12 years, but of achieving a rare, once-in-a- generation transformational shift in American politics.

Four fifths of the American public think the country is on the wrong track. The President wallows in the highest disapproval ratings since polling began. The Republican Party has spent most of a decade bungling almost everything it touches, abandoning its principles and sinking into a mire of corruption, hypocrisy and incompetence.

Republicans: "abandoning its principles and sinking into a mire of corruption, hypocrisy and incompetence."


Meanwhile Howard Feinman (Newsweek) puts out Seven Ways for Obama to fix his Image Problem. An amusing cocktail. All of which points to the underlying problem of the left that it is the appearance and not the substance that is the central issue. To them, perception is reality. 4000 jews stayed home, if you live in Amman or Islamabad. Only one response to that...who is John Galt?

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Krauthammer brings the heavy lead with Obama's Revealing Distractions in which he posits Barck is a one man plethora of pinatas via the The Three Amigos of Rezko, Wright, and Ayers, amid his complaints that all these kinds of things are the 'establishment' fighting as hard as it can to defeat 'change' via distractions.

But among all these really great, amusing and informative columns what stood out was this from Ms Noonan, and it is McCain's winning approach, if he is smart.

Hillary Clinton is not Barack Obama's problem. America is Mr. Obama's problem. He has been tagged as a snooty lefty, as the glamorous, ambivalent candidate from Men's Vogue, the candidate who loves America because of the great progress it has made in terms of racial fairness. Fine, good. But has he ever gotten misty-eyed over . . . the Wright Brothers and what kind of country allowed them to go off on their own and change everything? How about D-Day, or George Washington, or Henry Ford, or the losers and brigands who flocked to Sutter's Mill, who pushed their way west because there was gold in them thar hills? There's gold in that history.

John McCain carries it in his bones. Mr. McCain learned it in school, in the Naval Academy, and, literally, at grandpa's knee. Mrs. Clinton learned at least its importance in her long slog through Arkansas, circa 1977-92.

Mr. Obama? What does he think about all that history? Which is another way of saying: What does he think of America? That's why people talk about the flag pin absent from the lapel. They wonder if it means something. Not that the presence of the pin proves love of country - any cynic can wear a pin, and many cynics do. But what about Obama and America? Who would have taught him to love it, and what did he learn was loveable, and what does he think about it all?

Another challenge. Snooty lefties get angry when you ask them to talk about these things. They get resentful. Who are you to question my patriotism? But no one is questioning his patriotism, they're questioning its content, its fullness.
Barack Obama is the indoctrinated child of blame america first, and critical progressive historical theory (Zinn/Chomsky) bred on Alinsky's community organizational theories (which can work for any purpose - good or bad), and an apprentice of Chicago machine left requirements, made good thru black liberation street cred. He doesn't even KNOW how cynically naive are the words coming out his mouth.

Barack Obama is a purposefully, yet unnoticed, non pin wearing CYPHER whose arrogant assumptions of what is best overrides the desires of BOTH the men who designed the nation, and the individual desires of those who MIGHT disagree, as if they don't even matter, since he is (must be) right, and he isn't even in office.

He didn't hold his hand over his heart in that scene ...but it wasn't because he was showing disdain for the nation and its history, it's just that all that mattered little to him amid the campaign and his personal concerns.

That is Barack Obama. And he is leading. That means certain people, myself included are failing to convince via logic. Where logic fails, emotion often succeeds. Dirty, but there it is, and that's why Hillary is doing what is compulsory.

But let's all remember as he complains, this is nothing compared to other elections.
JQ Adams

Ladies and gentleman get out your shovels. They seem to be required. And last time I checked, I am no 'establishment'

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Christine said...

Yes, when it comes to Obama, it is all about appearances. A plastic facade that is suppose to fool.

In regards to the Rev's affect on this facade, they have had to make some "adjustments". He has supposedly retired, removed his radical newsletter & other tarnishing material from public view and is currently making a PR run through the media.

In the end, it will be only fools who are fooled.