Monday, April 21, 2008

England's Finished

The haters of Western Civilization in England, the values it was founded upon, and the freedom and prosperity it leads to have replaced this:

For this, in the name of Multicultural Nihilism:

The Daily Mail has the sad report, "Cancelled on Police Advice: St. George's Day Parade Through the Bradford Race-Riot Zone," on the death of a great nation. The headline refers to one of the hundreds of Infidel "no-go" zones now gracing Europe as a result of mass Mohammedan immigration coupled with "diversity" self-loathing. Americans should not be too smug about this, if current trends continue this could be our future in a few generations:

Community groups had planned to stage the multi-cultural event in Bradford and 1,500 schoolchildren were due to take part.

Many of the youngsters had already made flags of St George to carry on the parade on April 23, which was designed to boost community cohesion.

But last week police and council chiefs told the organisers that the event could not go ahead as planned for 'health and safety' reasons. At a meeting, police demanded a shorter route which avoided two streets at the centre of the race riots in 2001.

Local Tory MP Philip Davies said: "This was a prime opportunity to promote integration in a celebration of being British. "The police and council, whether it's through political correctness or whatever, have failed miserably. It's frankly pathetic."

MP Davies should no better, "multiculturalism" only applies to dhimmis, not their Moslem masters.

Hat tip: Gates of Vienna

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Damien said...

The free world has got to stand up for its values. If it doesn't, sooner or later it will cease to be the free world, and if Islamists don't take away our freedom, someone else will.

Pastorius said...

Amazing. They wouldn't think for a second of putting a stop to the Muslims marching with their flags, but the Flag of St. George?

How many years are we from this?

Anonymous said...

Hopefully England can make the required changes before it's too late. We need to keep a close eye on what is happening all over Europe as it can/will be us in as little as 10 years.

Damien said...

e of usa,

You said,
"We need to keep a close eye on what is happening all over Europe as it can/will be us in as little as 10 years."

Its worse than that, if Europe falls, even if we realize what we have to do, we will have difficulty surviving. If Europe goes Islamic, it will not only curtail their freedom, but it will probably drastically harm our economy. Not to mention we won't have many allies left in the world. This will embolden the Islam-o-Fascist of the world. Last but not least, it will be used as an argument by some, for believing that free secular societies can't survive. People in America could begin to think democracy doesn't work. If Europe falls, we may not become an Islamic state, but could become a fascist state, out of fear of becoming an Islamic state. I am not saying an Islamic state would be better, but that alternative wouldn't be good either.

Epaminondas said...

Oxford Union, 1935 :
"This house resolves not to fight for king and country"

Some actions are iconic and signal the future.

Anonymous said...

The process of Islamisation

Anonymous said...


We can use France and England as a looking glass to our possible future. They will likely be the front lines of how a modern western society fights Islam. Again, we are the sleeping giant across the Atlantic that needs to be awakened. Sounds all to familiar to Europe 1939/40. Sad part is our Pearl Harbor already happened (9/11) and many of us still have our heads up our asses.

Pastorius said...

e of usa,
You are right. We had our Pearl Harbor, and, in my opinion, the war hasn't really started.

If it has, then I would say we lost the first battle (Iraq).

Iraq is an Islamist nation now, allied with Iran and Syria. And, the Christians have been forced to flee, and the women are more em-burqad than ever.

Damien said...

e of usa,

Hey I agree with you. I just don't know what we should do next, other than keep fighting. One of my worst fears is that it will take multiple 9/11s to get us to take this fight as seriously as we should. I really hope it doesn't take a Nuclear 9/11.

WATCHER71 said...

E of Usa,
yes I think you are right, Europe won't fall to Islam but what we will likely see and are starting to see, unfortunately, is ethnic Balkanistion across Europe. Again as aggravated by the whole Counter Jihad debate being left to those who have an ethnocentric agenda. A previous post mentions St Georges day, a day that should be treated as the 4th July....yet not celebrated due to the hijacking of the event by the far right...a tragedy. Meanwhile the muppet that sent that text will have 5 or more kids who will grow up in a completely isolated insular independent community that has no need to engage with communities outside of their own. They have financial independence, they acquire loans and financial services from within their community, so no need to engage with the wider society, they are not schooled with the wider society....the reality of the situation is bleak. My projection is for social unrest, when all I desire is social cohesion...

As far as the USA...?..You guys will never ever be Islamasised. No way. Not gonna happen. Ever! Revolution would happen way way way before it ever got anywhere close to Islamic hegemony! All of you guys when their back is to the wall will pick up a rifle when it really boils down to it. From the most rabid right wing Neo-con to the worst example of Dhimmi Liberalism. Unfortunately, America will probably be hit with Nuclear terrorism, or a Nuclear attack by an Islamic state actor. America represents an example the western world needs to follow if there is to be salvation. So from a Brit (with American ties) Will you please just hurry up and invade the whole of Europe & Britain. Our leaders frankly can not organise a piss up in a brewery and are completely out of touch and removed from reality. The only voices of protest come from racists when infact this is a cultural & theological issue. It is the Muslim who cannot live in peace with us, not us who cannot live in peace with the Muslim. Time is short, so short. All of our ethical debate will be mute the day Iran test fires a long to medium range nuclear tipped missile. What happens then in that world? Do we think that Iran won't disseminate that knowledge through out the Islamic world? Or even sell complete weapons systems to it's Islamic allies? Imagine a Trident weapons system originating from Iran. Imagine that world. This guy represents the domestic Jihadi of tomorrow. This low IQ type is the kind of feckless unproductive, easily led moron that provides the staple recruit for Islamic clerics to convince them that suicide attacks are a way of showing devotion to god. Ps, when you do invade there will be no need for shock and awe! Infact you won't even need guns. Just bring flowers and American sunshine! The population will welcome you. Make sure that we have the same rights and civil protections as main land Americans (this is a liberation NOT an occupation!), including a vote(!)and give us a couple of Senators...4 should do for the UK. I'm sick of this shit. I don't want to see the worst of humanity being enacted out on our streets, I don't want to see the savagery that we saw in the Balkans...yet inaction makes this ever more likely. The sad thing is that I have more confidence in the leadership of a foreign power (the United states), even despite not being a fan of El Prez, than I do in our own political process and sad.

Damien said...


I hope your right about the Europe and US, never going Islamic.

Unknown said...

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