Tuesday, April 29, 2008

If Hillary can't take advantage of Wright, she is not presidential material

ejking.jpgWhen the Japanese destroyed the american battle fleet, and german subs were sinking US ships within sight of sunbathers on the east coast, FDR made Ernest J King Chief of Naval Operations. He had been relegated to the Bureau of Personnel because he could get along with no one, being too demanding, and suffering no fools. The personification of the admiral as son of a bitch. When recalled one of his telling comments was..when they get in trouble they call for the sons of bitches.

Well Hillary, your campaign is in trouble. Get out your inner son of a bitch.
Jeremiah Wright has confirmed to us all that the sound bites he complained so bitterly about as being "devious" are a perfectly accurate painting of Hillary's opponent's literally lifelong pastor. No matter what else can be said, it is inconceivable that Mr. Obama simply did not know yet he remained.

In a speech many foolishly labeled as Reaganesque, Obama in the near past tried to separate himself from SOME of the obnoxious opinions of this racist moron, Wright, but yet he defended the totality of the pastor.

If Barack Obama can remain as a member of that pastor's flock, as a future president of a US which is being described as a terrorist for Hiroshima and Nagasaki and do and say nothing, over a period of years, then Hillary Clinton is the hands down nominee.

If she cannot effect that transition from one to the other she ought to retire.

If the democratic party nominates Obama, McCain SHOULD eviscerate the Obama campaign, and tar every single democrat who doesn't go out of his way to denounce the Rev. Wrong. After all, the head of the party would then belong voluntarily to a congregation whose being hold the opinion that he would be commander in chief of 'roman murderers', and that we are all damned, and ought to be.

Wright and his church are way past blame America first, and no nominee belongs in it. PERIOD.

If this can come to pass, it will be a watershed in the American historical story


Shahid72 said...

What's wrong if Obama knew his pastors opinions? Isn't America a country of free choice and free speech? Why can't someone preach and pray for America's destruction without being branded a traitor?

PS Isn't that what Carter did? And he was president.

Epaminondas said...

You're a pretty funny guy.

I will make a special call on my jewfone to ensure that your blog survives amid my compadres control of all media on earth.

You should leave Ramallah for Jenin immediately, though. The descendents of Rabbi Schneerson are going to inject depleted uranium powder made from the ground up eyes of iraqi children starved by the US inspired UN embargo and the dust near Karbala, into the Ramallah water supply.

They will then bulldoze Ramallah and create the world's largest kosher falafel stand.

Anonymous said...

Ahem . . .EPA, you shouldn't break the code of silence. /hmmmm, falafel!

Anonymous said...

Shahid? Hasn't your mother started bugging you to blow yourself up yet? Hop to it. You don't want to be late for those 72 virgins you appear to have incorporated into your name.

OK, I'm done feeding the troll for the day.