Thursday, April 24, 2008

I don't know about anybody else, but I'm not either for a real OR a metaphorical white europe


With a slimy faux obsequiousness, equaled by dripping condescension, the disappointment in those who would have accepted both the country club KKK and Fulgencio Battista in the battle against communism over at Gates of Vienna accelerates as now they went after Robert Spencer for what has to be regarded as scant or no reason at all, LONG AFTER the racist Phillip DeWinter's failure to reject racism before the blogworld's listening audience, and long after this entire matter lay thankfully quiescent, if not forgotten.

There are those who feel that Gates didn't really mean to be offensive as they seemed to accuse Mr. Spencer of being in this for the dough re mi, and also of being a (now) useless 1st generation responder with words, when actions are called for.

If there is an explanation I'd sure like to hear it, but I think words have meaning. And sometime words are action.

Perhaps, somebody over there felt that the GREAT post about anti jihadism having nothing to do with race, was a slight to those who don't care if a white europe is the goal of some anti jihadists in Belgium, as long as the result is no, or quiescent muslims as a subset of the REAL goal - EIN VOLK.

My ultimate goal has nothing whatever to do with a white europe, metaphorical or not.

Gates either DOES associate itself with such an end, or is careless of it's meaning.

Sort of like a democratic candidate and his racist pastor.


From Gates to Spencer...

Mr. Spencer:

It was never my intention to demean you or your efforts.

I apologize to you and your readers if my words have given offense.

Nowhere in my comment do I say "mercenary." On the contrary, I used the word "honorable." Or rather I said that making speeches is "not dishonorable." In fact, it has a long tradition of value in a civilized society.

What I was trying to say further on is moot at this point, given the Greek chorus surrounding my initial comment. As I said to you in my email, I believe Peter Drucker was correct when he said, "communication is the act of the recipient."

Thus, if you found my remarks offensive then whatever I *meant* is quite beside the point. What matters is how you viewed them.

Once again, I am sorry for my ill-chosen words.


One hopes no more shots of any kind are forthcoming EITHER WAY

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