Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Indonesia: Non Muslims to wear hijab and massageuses to wear padlocks in their pants

About the obligation for non-Muslims to wear hijabs:
In Padang, capital of the province of West Sumatra, the atmosphere is increasingly that of an Islamic state. Female students who do not wear the headscarf (hijab) are frequently suspended from school. The requirement to observe Islamic customs, sanctioned by the controversial regional law of 2005, is also imposed on non-Muslim girls, and has generated an atmosphere of strong pressure on religious minorities. The proliferation of local laws inspired by sharia (perda syariat) is a growing phenomenon in Indonesia, but the central government has chosen not to intervene for now, in spite of protests from religious minorities and human rights NGO’s.
About the massageusses:
Chastity belts are gaining popularity in Indonesian massage parlors as a way to stop clients and masseuses from getting too close, parlor owners say.
A number of massage parlors in Batu, Indonesia, are requiring female masseuses to wear padlocks over their pants zippers to prevent men from bombarding workers for sex, the Los Angeles Times reported Sunday.
Indonesia has already a terrible history about Islamic fundamentalism, with campaigns which included sexual violence against Timorese females, recognised by UN, and more than 500.000 communists killed because they opposed Suharto, whose troops also carried abductions and mass killings in the mid-1980s.
Last year 100.000 people in Indonesia, asked for the coming of the Global Caliphate in an event. They were summoned there by Islamist group Hibz ut-Tahrir.