Friday, April 25, 2008

My Nomination for This Year's Darwin Award

File under "you can't make this stuff up." Brazil priest flying party balloons lost at sea:

BRASILIA (Reuters) - A Brazilian priest is missing after he drifted out to sea while trying to set a record for a flight using helium-filled party balloons, authorities said on Tuesday.

Father Adelir Antonio de Carli began his flight suspended in a harness-like seat from 1,000 balloons of various colors on Sunday in the southern port of Paranagua. He had intended to fly 20 hours due west but unexpected winds carried the 42-year-old Roman Catholic priest out over the south Atlantic on a southeasterly course.

"We found bits of balloons all along the coast," said Joao dos Santos Junior, deputy fire commander in the coastal town of Sao Francisco do Sul.


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Anonymous said...

Hello, Fadda Di Carli. Two words.



I mean, the poor man but really, what was he thinking to do that without a safe way down and/or a signalling device?

Plus he'll probably get a less than kind eulogy from Greenpeace for putting all those balloons into the ocean.