Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Obama on Wright - I'm Shocked, Shocked I tell you, - round up the usual pastors

Yes after 20 years, 2 months, 12 hours, 43 months and 14 seconds...we believe you're just SO shocked.

Shocked at what?
Maybe that Wright is so egotistical he doesn't care if a parishioner is elected POTUS. I'm shocked at that.

But shocked that he said we inject black people with AIDS, as POLICY?
But shocked that he said US Marines are just like Christ's legionnaire executioners?
But shocked that he said we are a terrorist nation?
But shocked that he said Farrakhan is no enemy to him or his church, and that his statement about jews are correct?
But shocked that he said Farrakhan is listened to by all black people?
But shocked that he said attacks on him are attacks on the black church (as if there is some monolithic thing) and are racist?
But shocked that he said we are damned?
But shocked that he said we gave Saddam biological agents to kill his own people?
But shocked that he said 4000 Americans died for a lie?
But shocked that he said we are morally equivalent to Al Qaeda?

At least buy me dinner first, Barry


Christine said...

The only thing BHO is shocked about is the fact he is being forced to deal with this. This young pup figured he would get by on his looks & oratory skills.

Welcome to the real world, young man.

Anonymous said...

$1 Million from BHO & Friends for Odinga?

Well Barry . . .what about that?

Anonymous said...

He's shocked that, after all the activism and planning and indoctrination and rants and seething and maneuvering to get his unqualified little butt into position as Democratic front-runner, the people like Wright who got him there are now so frenzied by the smell of blood in the water that they liable to sink his campaign because they can't keep their big mouths shut. And they've got him wedged firmly between the rock and the hard place: does he repudiate them and thus alienate a big chunk of his base or does he continue to weasel-word his way through this thing and hope that whitey will continue to buy his line of jive in sufficient numbers and Obamania will remain frenzied enough to sweep him to the nomination.

Denver is going to be such fun to watch. Preferably at a distance of course.