Saturday, April 26, 2008

This Is Permissible In An American School?

Seems that some people are concerned, despite the backpedaling and spin on the story.

From the United American Committee:
Recently the United American Committee's Central Florida chapter exposed cultural Jihad in a Central Florida school. What would you do if your child was forced to attend a class on Islam without your consent in a Public School? This is the same public school system who says your child can not be exposed to prayer in schools. It is also the same public school system that your tax dollars fund to be able to give YOUR children a quality unbiased education. The public school system that says you can not force a child to participate in any religion. Well it happened this week in Central Florida. The Central Florida chapter of the United American Committee uncovered this plot to educate your children with the religion of Islam and exposed it.

The Central Florida Chapter of the United American Committee then contacted WFTV Channel 9 news in Orlando to expose a cultural Jihad at a local school. This class was called family dynamics and was supposed to have nothing to do with religion, but ISLAM turned it into a religious discussion and these students had no choice to stay or go. Please watch the video.
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Damien said...

Unfortunately, thanks in large part to political correctness, yes.

Anonymous said...

No . . .Islamic dawa should be specifically prohibited at every level of publicly funded educational arenas throughout Western civilization.

Taxpayer funded instruction regarding the Arabian Meshuga's historic impact as described by faculty whitewash in above video should be reduced to dates, places and specific casualties of various and sundry ethnic and social 'infidel' populations along with notable subsequent vaccuum of related art, music, science, architecture, & stifling of all rational enquiry.

Any student interested in further exploration of the resulting incompetence of ME societies since the advent of Islam should be given the following suggested reading:

1) English translation of actual Qur'an - reading will be difficult due to its ordered nature (shortest to longest verse)
2) A copy of the the Qur'an placed in chronological order with annotations based on the Bible . . .suggestion: "The Prophet of Doom" also available free online
3) Books revealing the practice of Islam as dictated by the Qur'an, Hadith, Sira - suggest selections by Robert Spencer, Ibn Warraq, David S. Margoliouth
4)Exploring historic Islamic tolerance, "dhimmitude" . . .writings of Bat Ye'or
5)Discover the political nature of Islam
6)Psychological profile of the Arabian Meshuga - Narcissism exasperated by Temporal Lobe Seizures (TLS)as described in "Understanding Muhammad, A Psychobiography of Allah's Prophet" by Ali Sina (to be re-released)

Damien said...


I can't agree with you more!