Sunday, April 27, 2008

Pig Farming In Turkey And Banning Pork In Baltimore, Maryland

First, about Turkey, the Islamic nation yearning for admission to the EU.

Excerpt from this BBC News article:

For more than 40 years [Lazari Kozmaoglu, possibly the last pork butcher in Istanbul] has been selling pork to his own fast-shrinking Christian community, to defiant Muslims, and to foreigners. Now, he is being squeezed out of business.

Lazari's being prevented from slaughtering pigs and the stock of meat in his freezer is running critically low.

He owns an abattoir but the Agriculture Ministry has refused him a license to operate it, saying it does not meet strict new regulations.

Curiously, all the other slaughter-houses that once dealt with pork have been closed too.


"The government doesn't announce out-loud that it has banned the pig farms," Zafer [said].

"But at the end of the day, that's what's happened here. They're trying to send a message to their religious constituents," he said.

Back in Istanbul, the local agriculture ministry man denied the situation's anything to do with Islam.

He insists the regulations were introduced to bring Turkey up to European standards.

"We've got no problem with pork," Ahmet Kavak [said]...
Maybe the EU will swallow that taqiyya. I won't.

Meanwhile, right here in the United States, the Beasleys of Baltimore ran into a problem with getting a loan for a Church's Chicken franchise. Why? Because the Beasleys wanted to serve pork for breakfast. See "Shari'ah Law and Church's Chicken" over at THE ASTUTE BLOGGERS for the details.

Could we see a ban on pig farming in the United States? If shari'ah finance controls agricultural loans, yes.

Breakfast just won't be the same for me.

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Damien said...

Jews are forbidden to eat pork. Their Kosher dietary laws forbid it. But they don't mind if gentiles eat pork. You don't see huge demonstrations out side grocery stores or McDonald's at breakfast time. We should tell the Muslims to go pond sand. By the way, even if Sharia didn't have a problem with pork, Americans and everyone else around the world who values freedom should boycott any bank that follows Sharia Finance. Stop giving money to terrorists and people who want to destroy our way of life.