Tuesday, April 22, 2008

1429 vs 2008

It's 1429 on Planet Islam today, and in their latest attempt to bring us back in time with them, the enemy wants us to submit to Mecca Time. They're feeling their goats, people, all because we're not taking them on the way they ought to be taken on.

For the record, that's Pigman's pigksin leather mitts about to smash that clock.
-Bosch Fawstin


Anonymous said...

A broken clock is right once a day too. More to the point, Mecca needs to be on TNT (thermo nuclear time) as it's time we nuke Mecca.

Bosch Fawstin said...

In the endgame, I think they're definitely going force us to unload a Mecca-Ton Bomb on them when even our leaders see that nothing short of that will save Us from being nuked. This enemy will not stop themselves, they're counting on us to continue allowing them to have their way with us and finally achieve their dream/our nightmare.

Damien said...

The Muslim calender says its 1429, but Gregorian calender says its 2008.
You know this is kind of symbolic, their way of thinking is about five hundred years behind ours, just like their calender. The Judeo-Christian west has changed, they have not.

Bosch Fawstin said...

Indeed, they haven't changed, but they will force us to change them, for our sake.

Always On Watch said...

They just keep pushing, pushing, pushing. The West has to push back--if we are to survive.

Damien said...

Bosch Fawstin,

You said,
"Indeed, they haven't changed, but they will force us to change them, for our sake."

Unfortunately that won't be easy.

Bosch Fawstin said...

No, it won't be easy, war never is. But the alternative makes doing what we've gotta do seem easier.

Pastorius said...


What happened in 1429?

Maybe we need to make it 1492 again; the year of "The Expulsion of the Moors" from the Iberian Peninsula.