Monday, April 28, 2008

Wright at National Press Club ..It's an attack on the BLACK CHURCH

"it's not an attack on me, it's an attack on the black church"

Oh really.....? I'm sure you'd like to dilute your hate, racism and guilt.
There is no dialog with the likes of you. And no reconciliation with the likes of Mr. Obama's longtime pastor.

He hates what we love.
He despises the allies who have been murdered and repressed for 2000 years +
He believes this a guilty and damned nation.

What is there to discuss?

He has made up his mind.
I listened in full to him.
I have made up mine.

There is no commonality except our passports.

"My goddaughter has just arrived in Iraq, while those in a position of privilege used it to AVOID MILITARY SERVICE...OVER A LIE"

We have a volunteer army composed, as has been well documented, of all colors, and ALL INCOME GROUPS, yet YOU, a minister continue to promulgate LIES.


Will Barack Obama call him on this lie? Or COWER?

Now let's see the questions ..with an audience LOADED with supporters .. Fox is saying that questions are submitted in advance (which is what they do, but NOT screened):

Explain "Chickens coming home to roost" ....have YOU heard the whole sermon...well that nullifies that question...You CANNOT DO TERRORISM TO OTHER PEOPLE AND EXPECT IT NOT TO COME BACK ONTO YOU

Are you unpatriotic?
"I served 6 years in the military, how many years did Cheney serve"

What do you think of Farrakhan ?
"They are trying to pin a comment by Farrakhan 20 years ago on me...but what he was saying is what the UN said, what Carter is now saying....I am not going to put down Farrakhan any more than Mandela put down Castro...Louis Farrakhan is not my enemy"

Is america still damned in the eyes of god?
"America's leaders, the govt grind under people ..."

"This country's leaders have not apologized for slavery"
800,000 union casualties apologized with blood. People like Schwerner and Goodman apologized with their lives.
Chopped liver to you, though.

The HIV question comes up ...
"Have you read Horowitz's book, or Medical Apartheidt ? I read different things...based on Tuskegee I believe our govt is capable of doing anything. We sold Saddam his biological weapons, so YES I believe this about HIV"

What about Israel, likening Israel to South Africa?
'I never said apartheid ..Jimmy Carter did'
I think this one will bear some scrutiny as will his comments on Farrakhan

'Marines in service ARE like the roman soldiers who killed Jesus'

Impression ...what a smug person

KUDOS to the National Press Club.
Questions were NOT puff.

Wright has a lot of guts to come in, and may be STUPID .... but he has CONFIRMED in every detail that what we have heard in what he termed 'devious' sound bites.

Not only is this a problem for Obama, but every democratic candidate. Every single democratic candidate will have to DAMN this. And Obama, as a member will NEVER be president of a unified ANYTHING.

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Always On Watch said...

I'm glad to see that you blogged this.

I caught most of the press conference this morning, but not all because I had a doctor's appointment.

I believe that one can see the entire conference at C-Span. Try this link.