Thursday, April 24, 2008

Nations have interests, not friends..UKRAINE IN NATO? Think twice


Ukraine helped China's PLA with phased array radar

China's military received technology and support from Ukraine for its large phased array radar used on warships and its new airborne warning and control aircraft.
Phased Array ...think AEGIS

China's Type 052C missile destroyer
Quoting military specialists in South Asia, the Kanwa Asian Defense Review said the Ukraine Kvant Radar Design Bureau helped with the radar on the Type 052C missile destroyer and the AWACs.

Ukraine currently has close ties to China's military establishment.

The Pentagon in 1996 warned Ukraine not to sell China technology related to the SS-18 ICBM.

U.S. intelligence reports indicated that Chinese technicians attempted to purchase SS-18 components in December 1995 for use in a purported space launcher.

You remember the SS-18 Satan, I hope.. The weapon that caused the abortive MX missile , here. 10 warheads, each accurate to within a few yards with a one megaton warhead....a first strike weapon?

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