Thursday, April 24, 2008

Germany Cracks Down On Radical Mosques

From the International Herald Tribune via Astute Bloggers:

Scores of German police officers carried out raids on Islamic centers in several big towns and cities Wednesday, detaining nine German citizens suspected of trying to establish a criminal organization and winning over converts to their radical form of Islam, prosecutors said. No terrorism charges were filed, they added.

The 16 raids, carried out by 130 police officers, took place in Ulm, Bonn, Berlin and Leipzig. The security authorities had been observing cultural centers, a publishing house and private houses for more than two years.

One of the main focuses of the raid was the Bavarian town of Neu-Ulm, where several raids have been staged over the past few years during anti-terrorist operations. There, according to the police, the Multi-Kultur-Haus, an Islamic cultural center, had become a meeting point for radical Islamists. At one stage the center was under surveillance by U.S. anti-terrorism agencies, according to media reports here.





Damien said...

Cracking down on Islamic terrorists?
Good for them. All of Europe needs to do more things like this.

Anonymous said...

Go Germany!!! It's going to take some balls and a good helping of national pride to buck the current western PC establishment stand up to the Islamic steamroller. After all, our collective governments are currently having extreme difficulty even coming up with this weeks offence free reference for the minority of misunderstood evil doers of that certain peaceful religion. Frankly "US" vs. "THEM" works for me.

Damien said...

e of usa,

Instead of cowering in their boots, the free world should get it military forces ready for battle and tell them to bring it on!

Anonymous said...


"Bring it on," NOT. I would love to see a true "gloves off" battle with these nitwits, but I can't imagine any army of Islam fighting without the cowardice cover of noncombatants. They know any direct engagement with a western armed force would have disastrous results.

Damien said...

e of usa,

You said,
"They know any direct engagement with a western armed force would have disastrous results."

That's exactly why we should take the gloves off and tell them to bring it on. Lets see just how willing to die for Allah, they really are!