Saturday, September 27, 2008

Germany: Armed police storm passenger jet to arrest two jihadists who left suicide notes

From Jihad Watch:

Apparently they were ready to "kill and be killed" for Allah, as per Qur'an 9:111. "Armed police storm passenger jet to arrest two Somali terror suspects who had left suicide notes," from theDaily Mail, September 26 (thanks to R.B.):

German police have arrested two male terror suspects who left suicide notes on a plane that was just about to take off in Cologne.

The pair are suspected of wanting to take part in militant Islamic attacks. They were arrested this morning on a KLM airplane at Cologne airport that was heading for Amsterdam.

One of the men was a Somali and the other was a German born in Somalia's capital Mogadishu, a spokesman said. They were hauled out of the plane just before take off about 0455 GMT.

A KLM spokeswoman said on NOS news in the Netherlands that police boarded the plane when it was at its "point of departure" and grabbed the two suspects.

Everyone was then forced to leave the plane, and there was a "baggage parade" to see whose bags belonged to whom, she said.

Germany's top-selling Bild newspaper, citing police sources, said the two had been under observation for months and a suicide note was found in their apartment saying that they wanted to die for the "jihad" or "holy war."...

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Anonymous said...

Somali muslims again. Denver cyanide. Pirated Iranian vessel carrying radioactive cargo and Ukranian vessel carrying military grade weapons all involve Somali jihad as well.

Sounds like a recipe for al qaeda's October Surprise

Which ingredients have successfully reached their destination under the radar?