Wednesday, September 24, 2008

It's not a racist thing, it's a cultural defense, right?

The defense of allies such as Vlaams Belang whose separatist (none of my business), anti Sharia (I'm with them every step on this), anti immigrant (well, LEGAL immigration is what keeps America a nation filled with ambition and unafraid of change, but it's THEIR NATION), mono culture (never really works, but hey that's their problem) policies has been in the narrow, crazy world of those concerned with Islamic imperialism of any sort something which has stirred controversy, implosions, anger, and anguish.

I have stated that I really don't know if these people are fascists, and I don't care because the argument for their existence doesn't even get to that point (although those defending them HAVE defended - in comments- fascism as a theoretical govt form).

However, there is no doubt that what VB wants is a 'single malt scotch'.

So let's add another brick after another really ridiculous demand for an apology from Fjordman, who has lost my respect. Anyone who can frame an argument for counter jihad which is inclusive of the CofCC (which is what he did, cleanly, and without meaning to) has boxed themselves out of the realm of the 'good fight'. But hey, who am I?

Here is a leaflet distributed yesterday. 'The League of American Patriots' was formed March 29, and it's aim is "committed to restoring America to the principles upon which it was founded. First and foremost is halting the rapid demographic decline of the European peoples in our homeland"

That's certainly the CofCC's aim as well, and many other groups'.

It's also Vlaams Belang cause for Flemish independence.

We have a word for that aim's underlying single requirement.

Do I have to say it?

And now an aside....the support of Israel by groups like VB

These allies use the example of Israel as the painting of a successful culture that has in fact been authored by the truly fascist and racist Palestinians through their looking glass.

{Apartheid state Thriving. In existance. Uncaring of others. Unworried by being hated.}

They point to it and say "you see, it can be done". That's why you see them supporting Israel.

Those whose published policies seek amnesty for collaboration with Nazis (Vlaams Belang) will NEVER, under ANY SET OF CIRCUMSTANCES be allies. Not of freedom, and not of any culturally different minority. Such allies are not as some have pointed out slicing the necks of jews, btw, they just turn aside when the state does, in their name.

Do people really think such friends help the existence of the Jewish people?

Do people really believe such friends add the kind of support AND RECOGNITION NEEDED to repel the silent jihad, HERE in the USA?

Will the public exposure of allies who seek amnesty for nazi collaborators, and a white europe help gain american support in america?


Comments on the argument in other places as recently as light night indicate that such allies even if clearly racists, OR fascists, or ANY ISTS ("every swinging d*ck") are just hunky dory.

They make allusion to Joe Stalin. Well, when Islamic armies become an issue, we'll think that way. I don't see any.

This war is being fought in the public mind, and in the union shops at JB Swift, and the folks who want to excuse nazi collaborators are NOT going to be on my side, or the side of the public consciousness of the USA. Such people DEFINE FOR HISTORY the side you are on. The very closeness of this election should point out to those who wish to obscure such relationships how completely RIDICULOUS that position is

Nothing could more clearly indicate that in fact this movement is in deep trouble than that frank CONFESSION


Pastorius said...

I don't have nearly as much patience as you do.

Those who claim to not care about the motives of their allies are not really telling the truth.

They are capable of making distinctions. They simply don't want to do so.

There are some things that are important to them, and some things aren't.

We all make choices, and in so doing, we define who we are.

Unknown said...

I agree completely. Since when we are believing someone just because of what they SAY, rather than what they DO?

Epaminondas said...

I am SOOOOOO tired of this issue.

But every time it comes up, it has to answered lest anyone ever wonder if we went along.

Always On Watch said...

You have my complete agreement with regard to your comment immediately above.