Sunday, September 28, 2008

Minority in a new nation

We believe in the intent of 1776, and the corrections instituted in 1789.
We don't believe we were evil from the start.
We believe private property is the root of every freedom we have.
We celebrate invention and entrepreneurship, and don't think society has any rights to that invention, except those we GIVE IT TEMPORARILY
We actually believe all humans want freedom. ALL.
We don't want to see our countrymen suffer, but believe that real charity is opportunity, not largess. We recognize, however, that pure charity is going to be necessary.
We believe that those who wish to join us in such beliefs according to our rules, and become what we are while preserving as much of what they are as they can, are welcome.
We believe society and culture change all the time, and are prepared to deal with and embrace those changes as long as the rules of 1789 are adhered to - STRICTLY
We believe that color and religion have absolutely nothing to do with any of the above
We are a minority now. Face it.

Another society is apparently ascendent.

That society apparently believes in enforced "neighborliness" as being a definition of "patriotic" (and no, I don't meet that society's criterion for being "rich", altho I disagree with that criterion)
That society believes a vote gives them a right to the fruit of my brain, in whatever proportion they can get a vote for
That society seems to accept that it is okay to just go out and meet on equal terms with religious fanatics who believe genocide is the means god uses to express his will, and that what they think IS his will trumps any human desire for 'freedom'
That society believes that we are bad enough that it's okay that the 'chickens are coming home to roost'
That society BELIEVES the 'chickens ARE coming home to roost'
That society thinks it takes a village, and that it HAD BETTER
That society thinks central ideas about education and what is right and correct and good are mandatory, not just worth thinking about
That society believes it is more important to preserve other older social bonds than the ones of 1789, if a choice must be made
That society believes borders are racism
That society, when it sees other societies dislike it, wonders what is wrong with itself, rather than what is possibly wrong with other societies.
That society reacts to fear by changing itself without questioning why.
That society is one of feeling and not thought

I really don't know how to assign labels like liberal and conservative, but I know when something very different from the intent of the Federalist papers raises it's head.

Some people think that such difference is good.
Some people think that such difference is not as GOOD a set of ideas as those ideas.
Some people think that those who imagine that such difference is NOT as good a set of ideas represent evil, uncaring, and greed, and on balance, race and inequity
As we now observe the polls in battleground states, we can see those people who represent the new society are apparently enough to form a new majority

There is a lot of work to do

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Pastorius said...

You conclusion certainly is an understatement.