Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Stop the Jihad on Campus

This from The Terrorism Awareness Project on their upcoming event, one of the most practical ways to raise general awareness of the terrifying brilliance of the Islamic memeplex and the clever ways Jihadis have infiltrated college campuses (sometimes even subsidized by the U.S. government):
Students on over 60 campuses signed up to host events during our third “Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week.” Universities from all around the world, including schools in Canada, Glasgow University in the UK and Leiden University in Holland, will be participating in our campaign which will be entitled “Stop the Jihad on Campus.”

The Terrorism Awareness Project has released a video regarding the activities and behaviors of the Muslim Students Association, including information about the inflammatory anti-American and anti-Semitic speakers, often subsidized by student government funds, who are hosted by the Muslim Students Association chapters. You can watch our video here or at our YouTube Channel. The video is three and a half minutes long.


Citizen Warrior said...

The article entitled, The Muslim Brotherhood's US Network, explains in detail the connection between Hamas, the Muslim Brotherhood, and MSA (Muslim Students Association, the group this event is seeking to expose). It's a long article, but worth reading.

Julia Riber Pitt said...

I think this whole thing is pretty stupid. I go to a very diverse school and I have never seen the MSA try to enforce shari'ah law or anything remotely similar. The only religious people who have any influence over my school are the Hillel, which tries to ban speakers who criticize Israel and are now leading their own jihad against a professor, who is a dear friend of mine, because he wrote an article attacking pro-Israel bias on our campus. Trust me, Zionist clubs at my school scare me 100000x more than the MSA ever could.

Citizen Warrior said...

Julie, Zionist clubs are promoting a democracy — the only democracy in the Middle East. MSA is promoting a long-term agenda which they themselves say is aimed at the Islamization of America and the undermining of democracy once they gain power.

I understand what you're saying — that your own personal first-hand experience makes you feel unthreatened by MSA but threatened with suppression of free speech by the Zionists.

But what are their GOALS? I am not a Jew or a Christian, but look into it a little bit and you'll see that you are DEFINITELY more in danger of losing your freedoms — especially as a woman — from Islam than Judaism.

Read the article linked in the first comment, and you'll see what I mean. MSA's goals are long-term and they are trying to stay under the radar. They are trying to give people like you the impression that they are harmless. That's their goal, and they have succeeded with you so far.

Does it bother you that MSA's website promotes the killing of Jews (by quoting the Qur'an)? Do you know of any Zionist writings that promote the killing of Muslims? Think about it. Don't necessarily follow your first impression, because you know first impressions are often mistaken.

Citizen Warrior said...

Julia, I noticed from your profile that you apparently support the Palestinian cause. Why would you do that?

Do you support Hamas? Hezbolla?

Citizen Warrior said...

Israeli Medical Treatment of Palestinians

The Israeli propensity to offer medical treatment to the people trying to kill them speaks to the contrast in values between the two sides.