Thursday, September 25, 2008

Warren Buffet -puts up $5 Billion, says "Economic Pearl Harbor", Obama: 'Hey Florida et al is close, I'm too busy'

Warren Buffet whose Berkshire Hathaway Corp yesterday invested the equivalent of more than 2 modern Aircraft Carriers to battle what he termed an "economic Pearl Harbor" said "I am betting on the Congress doing the right thing for the American public and passing this bill".
2cvs.jpgBuffett is buying a stake in New York-based Goldman after three of the investment bank's biggest competitors collapsed or were forced into emergency sales.

"I think the Treasury will pay back the $700 billion and make a considerable amount of money,'' Buffett said, adding that if he had $700 billion on the government's terms to buy distressed assets, he would. "Unfortunately, I'm tapped out.''

Hey Joe BIden, I think THAT'S PATRIOTIC.

Barack, boychickle, with each and every move, while you are benefiting from the public's long memory of FDR's miracle beginning in 1932, you look less like a man and more like a, no... I can't say that can I. Someone would accuse me of something.

Now that you've made you bed, I hope to see you in Mississippi tmw night next to an empty chair. It is inconceivable that Harry Reid, who the day before yesterday WANTED to see the nominees back to help, now is playing PARTISAN with this while only 4 republican senators are on board, and telling McCain who might be the only man who can convince these guys to get on the train, to stay away. It is also inconceivable that you can't abrogate that stupidity and partisanship, and break through at a critical moment into something larger than democrat and republican, and election victory carrots.

I don't mind the ads, this is an election.

I don't mind the sneering and mocking from morons like Letterman, who when presented with


objective reality complained of made-up facts, I EXPECT the holier than thou bias in the media and the elitist down their nose attitude about rubes from the woods, but when the nation is in trouble, I EXPECT you to be a man, especially when it would have been at no cost to you or your campaign.

It was an easy putt, Barack. Now it's a partisan battle on this as well.

Of course to the Zinnite Chomsky Ayers Wright believing critical progressives, since you are battling real evil, it is all called for, right?

Maybe you have even calculated correctly how the American public will perceive this, I really don't know, but...............


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Pastorius said...

You point out something important here, something we should all keep in mind.

That is, when we think we can't make sense of Barack Obama's behavior, we should just think of it in the context of the worldview presented by Howard Zinn, Noam Chomksy, William Ayers, and Reverend Wright.

Then, it all makes sense.

Love the Barack Boychickle comment.