Saturday, September 27, 2008

Amid the flags on power poles leading to town hall in Norman Rockwell land - a sign....

Painted on something larger than two sheets of plywood...


I'd say about 70% of the cars passing honked or flashed their lights.

Overheard in the register line at the health food store in a town of 26,000 about two hours before the debate..."But how much does the FDIC have put aside to pay us off if too many banks close? I can't wait a week for my money from the ATM. I have to take some money out. Just in case"
(Actually the FDIC said only yesterday they are currently estimating that as of Friday the are underfunded by about $150 billion, I kept my mouth shut. The largest local bank chain is TD Banknorth, a Canadian bank which has been swallowing up more local chains.)
Response - "What happens if they just turn on the printing presses? Will it cost $10 for a loaf of healthy bread in six months?" (Bread at the health food store is already at $4-5 avg for local artisan breads)

I have a feeling people are pretty pissed off, and worried enough in their own personal existence to do things which, on a macro scale can jump this game to the next level.

All this against the back ground of the revolt of the house republicans who just don't want much to do with this mess, and apparently never did. Since the democrats hold a clear majority in the house, one as to ask why Ms Pelosi simply didn't PASS THIS THING? Maybe it stinks so badly she wants the republicans tainted? As a concerned citizen, wouldn't you like ot know what the HELL THEY ARE NEGOTIATING?

Especially since the huge layout to ACORN story has turned out to be true as an earmark in this bill? Link leads to Malkin, and National Review also confirms, altho they say they THINK they have been told it's going to be dropped (DUH, IT HAD BETTER BE OR I WILL PULL THE LEVER FOR WHOEVER IS NOT AN INCUMBENT IN CONGRESS)

Especially since Harry Reid tried to add a proviso to BAN GETTING OIL SHALE IN THE WEST

$25 billion dollar loan to the auto industry? For what? Ignoring fuel cells?

No one has been more aware that the credit markets are totally bereft of confidence and need some kind of bill passed to demonstrate, if nothing else, that the USA can commit an act, but this chain of stupidities show just how far gone congress really is, and just how much attention must be paid IN REAL TIME.

Just what is it they are going to agree to?

And whose eye would you rather see monitoring that mess next January?

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