Monday, September 22, 2008

Spain Pays Muslims To Go Back To Dar al-Islam

Paying immigrants to go home, from Redneck's Revenge:

Mail Online - Spain will pay jobless immigrants to go home under new plans revealed. The measure was approved at a Cabinet meeting after a largely symbolic fast-track passage through Parliament.

The plan, which will come into force in around a month, targets tens of thousands of non-EU citizens who have been laid off in Spain and are entitled to unemployment benefits.

Under the scheme a jobless worker would receive a payment based on how long they have been working and how much they have been contributed into the social security system.

The average lump sum is expected to be between six and 18 months worth of unemployment benefit.They will receive the sum in two parts - 40 per cent while in Spain and 60 per cent when they have returned to their native country.

The programme is voluntary, and applies to people from 19 non-EU countries with which Spain has agreed that social security benefits accrued in one nation can be paid out in the other.

People who sign up for it must agree not to come back to Spain for three years, with the promise they will be able to recover their work and residency permits after that.

Spain can't find it in their collective self to say what they mean. Until they do, this initiative won't work.


Anonymous said...

I concur with your view that this scheme won't work. It will just be seen as a way to get free money and lure more migrants to Spain.

Unknown said...

Well, these measures in fact were passed before the summer. The Government thought they were going to reduce the financial crisis, as unemployed immigrants (and as such, people who are given unemployment benefits) would go home. The danger is that the unemployed would be also unemployed in their countries of origin, so they are probably not going to return.
Anyway, last news on immigrants are these:

A Spanish plane deporting more than 100 illegal immigrants to The Gambia has been forced to return to Spain with the migrants on board.

Gambian authorities refused to let the deportees disembark, saying Madrid had not given them enough time to prepare.

Spanish officials expressed surprise, saying The Gambia had approved the repatriation.

The migrants were being returned under an immigration accord signed between the two countries in 2006.

The plane was left stranded at Banjul airport for seven hours before being cleared to return.

It landed back in the Canary Islands late on Friday.

Anonymous said...

This Spanish law couldn't possibly contort into a more twisted self-defeating effort. Of course it will fail. Simply put a damn limit on unemployment/housing/sustenance benefits - say 4-6 months. If any immigrant, from any continent does not find gainful employment, the final benefit payment will be reserved to cover expenses to return to country of origin. 40% to cover expenses in Spain and 60% upon repatriation.

Claudia exposes an important obstacle that will become more and more evident in coming months.

Those of us who have advocated repatriation of unassimilating unemployed immigrants --(there's a huge difference between assimilation and integration) -- have read reports of similar obstacles to repatriation.

The immigrant is simply either refused entry to their country of origin or threatened with additional legal harrassment/sharia judgements, playing on the heartstrings of bleeding heart liberals imagined 'human rights' for all criminals mentality.

Countries that refuse to permit repatriation should cease to have voting privileges in UN, all foreign aid and travel visas between Spain and said country frozen.

As for those bleeding heart liberals that permit sharia courts in western nations and block deportations of jihad related criminals on humanitarian grounds to protect the criminal from sharia justice in their own countries - shoot them all - on sight.

Unknown said...

Countries that refuse to permit repatriation should cease to have voting privileges in UN, all foreign aid and travel visas between Spain and said country frozen.

With Zapatero?? That seems very tough to me to be decided by the present Spanish Administration.

As for those bleeding heart liberals that permit sharia courts in western nation

The bad news are that there are an important number of libertarians (that is, supposedly they are defending freedom "above all") that they are for the stablishment of Sharia courts as long as it only depends on the "freedom of the people" and "on the condition they are respecting Human Rights".

So, not only the "leftists" are making me laugh (because of discovering they are stupid...), also some people from the "right".

Anonymous said...

You do have a point there, Claudia.

Pastorius said...

Yes, thanks for your analysis. You are correct.

By the way, many of these rightist Libertarians are Libertarian only in the opportunistic sense that they don't want government to interfere in business so they can get away with stuff.

So, they opportunistically support mass immigration (even outright border violations) so they will have a labor supply. To hell with all of us who have to live with the fruit of their selfishness.

Pastorius said...

A lot of Libertarians don't seem to want to recognize that Freedom and responsibility go hand in hand.

Rights come with responsibilities.

Citizen Warrior said...

I like what the second Anonymous said: It would be simple to put a limit on unemployment benefits.

And NO benefits to illegal immigrants.

Unknown said...

Pastorius: Yeah, that's right. But seeing everything in market terms is not accurate, specially with things such as freedom, life or physical integrity which, even if they can be valued economically, they exceed that in most ways.

Citizens Warriors: NO benefits to illegal immigrants.
That's the difficult part...

Citizen Warrior said...

Why is that difficult, Claudia? One restaurant in my area recently ejected all their illegal Mexicans. They didn't do it voluntarily. The IRS came to them and said, "If we come back and find anyone working here whose social security number does not match the name for that number, we will fine you 5000 dollars."

Just like that, all the illegals were let go.

Why couldn't they do something similar for illegal immigrants getting unemployment? Would it be that difficult to really determine whether someone was legal or not? I think a way could be found.

Unknown said...

Well, just imagine how that would have been succesful, if all the MSM and NGO's from the vicinity would have gone there denouncing the xenophobic methods of the police.
Yeah, I know it sounds a little bit shocking, but when you have granted illegal alliens rights such as medical care or education for their sons and daughters, because those are universal rights, things are seeing differently. Also these people were doing jobs that most European people were not going to do and with very low wages. In the end politicians didn't want prices to rise if they ensured most drastic measures against aliens.
There are also international considerations. Most Third World countries do not like these measures and MSM (specially leftist ones) are truly happy when they can use this to protect "indigenous people's rights". South American countries have protested (all of them) because of a EU Directive which wants illegal immigrants back to their home countries, considering that's "criminalising illegal immigration" (I wrote about it here, just in case you want to read it). Why? Because they always blame Europe for colonization, so they think that now they are taking would "supposedly" Europe stole from them.
So we have two problems: the first is that those countries do not develop because they blame past deeds of their own actual faults, asking for "funds for development" and voting to "democratic" leaders such as Bolivian Evo Morales, Venezuelan Chávez or Ecuadorean Correa. And the second is that those MSM and NGO's do basically agree with this kind of approachment. And just don't even voice anything against that because you're not going to be loved. At all.

Citizen Warrior said...

I used to work in restaurants when I was younger, Claudia, and I remember the standard line was, "Mexicans are doing work Americans aren't willing to do."

But apparently it wasn't true. A good friend of mine works at the restaurant that just ejected all the illegal immigrants and they immediately filled all their positions with Americans, no problem -- largely college kids who were having a difficult time finding a job because all the spots were taken by Mexicans.

I think the adage that the immigrants do jobs the locals won't do is bullpucky. It might be propaganda spread by the immigrants.

Unknown said...

Gee... I am not saying that is actually true. I am saying that is very convincing for a big percentage of people.

Citizen Warrior said...


Oops, Claudia. Perhaps I got carried away!

Always On Watch said...

The last time Spain kicked out the Moslems all those centuries ago didn't involve paying off the Moslems. It DID involve some Draconian measures.

With Zapatero in power, Spain is not going to make much progress in their endeavor to maintain Spanish culture, IMO.