Sunday, September 21, 2008

Oprah Has a Thread About Islam

My wife sent me this one. On the Oprah web site, someone made a comment about this story: Company (Swift) Concedes to Ramadan. The question asked on the thread was what would have happened if Christian (or any other) believers walked off the job when they weren't allowed to pray?

It's an active and interesting dialog I thought some of us might want to participate in.

Muslim prayer vs. Christian prayer


Pastorius said...

Maybe someone can write a sensitive feminist book (possible title - Sisterhood of the Travelling Burqa) about these poor Muslims who were fired by the evil Swift Corporation.

And then, Oprah can tout the book, and women can get together in book clubs and read it, and cry about how mean men are, and if men weren't so mean, women could live safely with their Islamic friends, etc. etc. etc.

Friggin' Oprah should have the courage of her convictions, for once, and stand up and speak out against Islam.

For God's sake.

What does she want us to think?

You know, she was a member of Jeremiah Wright's church for a long friggin time.

Anonymous said...

When Oprah is not promoting Eckhart Tolle or another new age religion, she's promoting the interfaith discussions that are a freaking waste of time. What a fruitcake she has become.

Epaminondas said...

This ended with the firing of over 100 somali workers after an altercation broke out at the plant after these concessions were reversed due to other workers complaining over PRECISELY the issue raised

Never the less, the most important point of this episode was the reflexive actions of Swift to change the entire work structure of the day for a single religion, rather than seeking the consensus of all workers, or treating Ramadan just like they would any other religious holiday

Natasha said...

Can't stand the Oprah cult so won't comment there, haven't watched Oprah in Years -- a little too sickening capitalist sweet for me.

AS for Swift, it was so much more than just a few women wanting prayer and Ramadan...this isn't the First time there has been demands for SPECIAL CONCESSIONS ONLY FOR MUSLIMS

and the thing is,
this time, they finally went too far, the plant and the Muslimas,

asking poor single mothers, many of them, Latina moms, to work DOUBLES or to work WEEKENDS to make up for the time lost by Muslims, with no pay overtime, etc., of course,

and many of these mothers at the plant [you know the ones who did not abort and HAVE TO PAY CHILDCARE UP THE ASS AND WHO BARELY MAKE ENDS MEET],

because childcare is soooo evil and communist you know,

well Those women were forced to leave their kids home alone, ALONE, on weekends or would have been [not Everyone has family] SO THAT some privilege Muslim can have off early to pray AND not only that,

pray during work, meaning Non-Muslims have to pick up That slack too...its not like Muslims pray WHILE WORKING, its a whole having to leave the station. So, to EVEN compare it to Christians, praying at the work station while working,

to Muslims is not a true picture, more of a True picture would be, Christians going off every hour or so for a Tent Revival expecting all others to take up the slack on their stations.

The Latinos/as got pissed and from what I hear, threatened to kick some ass,

GOOD FOR THEM. Bad enough they too get treated like shit because you know they are for one,

those manual labor workers and you know, in our Caste society they are at the bottom of the rung, two the women have a lot of crap to deal with trying TO SUPPORT FAMILIES, MANY ON THEIR OWN,

and here we have Religion, coming in with demands for special rights...I don't blame the Latinas and other Non-Muslims one bit,

having WORKED MANUAL LABOR myself I know what it is, and to work and not have childcare, if I was TOLD, to work extra days so that someone could have special prayer time, I'd go frickin postal,

especially for no pay increase. Its just complete bull.

keep the religion OUT of the workplace, I'm fine with prayer, like don't care, I pray all the time...but there is a difference between prayer and a lifestyle,

and then, forcing it on others, making it a social POLITICAL FORCE forced upon others and asking special concessions at THE EXPENSE OF OTHERS.

Btw this goes for Secular religions too, mention this due to kids in schools being told they can't wear religious teeshirts or crosses [though veils ok-which is discriminatory as hell] but if they are going to do that it should also apply to secular religions/beliefs too--when they become widespread and political, e.g. New Age for example. Thats a religion as far as I'm concerned.

Anyway I do believe the 'change' was more than just for a day, it was for ongoing due to pray During work hours too,

I can gaurantee you workers in Oman [American] don't DARE demand prayer time or Sundays off, and if they pulled that crap like what is being pulled here,

not for one minute would Oman put up with it. They'd be jailed and killed...and no amount of Free Trade agreements would save them either.

In Iran--they Flog men and women for celebrating MayDay--and cut their tongues for organizing Unions,

and Iran isn't the only Islamic Regime that does this. So, I have no sympathy,

no time off for prayer or revival tent meets during work, want to do that, Stay HOME. And you Damn sure don't ask the other workers to pull extra shifts to make up work,

at the Expense of their families and their Children. I'm glad the Latinos went postal...GOOD FOR THEM.!!!

Citizen Warrior said...


We don't have a "Caste society." I used to work with a lot of Mexicans, most of them illegal. I've seen some who did not want to join this society; they just wanted to earn some money and then move back to Mexico. They didn't learn English, and they stayed in their "lowly" position.

I've seen others learn English well by their own efforts and so were able to move into supervisory positions, which allowed them to make enough money to hire a lawyer to help them become citizens, and they joined this society, bought homes in America, started their own businesses, etc.

Sabra said...

That was quite a vent, Natasha. And I agree with almost every single bit of it!

I can assure you that Christians in Saudi Arabia do NOT get to take Christmas off - unless it happens to fall on a Thursday or Friday - our weekend. If it is on a Saturday or a Sunday or Monday through Wednesday - too bad. Just another work day...

I thoroughly, thoroughly agree about the school issue as well. If is isn't okay for everyone else - don't let those who practice some cult get a pass.

Pastorius said...

Natasha said: Latina moms ... [you know the ones who did not abort and HAVE TO PAY CHILDCARE UP THE ASS AND WHO BARELY MAKE ENDS MEET]...

I say: Would you prefer that they had aborted?

Do you think they wanted to abort?

Do you think the cost of childcare is so outrageous high here that the Latinos can't make enough money?

Or, are they here precisely because they can make more money here than in Mexico or South America?

Anonymous said...

Citizen Warrior,
You can read a lot of concessions to islam here:

Anonymous said...

Citizen Warrior said...

Thanks, Anonymous. I subscribe to DhimmiWatch already, and once in awhile I get a good story from them. I wouldn't have even needed to create my blog because DhimmiWatch is already doing such a great job, but I wanted something self-explanatory for jihad-virgins. DhimmiWatch and JihadWatch seem to be aimed a target audience that is already quite familiar with what's going on.

My focus is to convert those who don't know anything about the fundamental principles of Islam to people familiar with certain basic ideas like taqiyya, Islam's relentless encroachment, and the violent nature of Mohammad himself. We need more people on our side. And many of them need to be introduced very gently to these ideas, so I created and more recently as resources those of us in the know could use to share with those of us who aren't in the know.

Thank you for the hot tip, Anonymous. If I didn't already know about it, that would have been a rich resource for building my blog.