Sunday, September 28, 2008

Another Glimmer of Hope?

I said in yesterday's post that in the UK a Conservative Government might be a tad better than NuLabour from the multicultural/islamification point of view. Anonymous made the comment that the Conservatives were dhimmies as well. Well, any move against the islamists has got to be better than none so anonymous missed the point.

Now we have a report from the Conservatives that they would ban islamist preachers, and islamist organisations. They would also not allow sharia law to have any legal status in English law. After all the doom and gloom in recent months about the islamification of the UK then this must be a step in the right direction and another reason for hoping the Tories take power in the next 18 months. From the Daily Express:

A TOUGH package is being drawn up by David Cameron to tackle Islamic extremism. One of the key proposals is to ban sharia law courts from operating in this country.

In an exclusive interview with the Sunday Express, Mr Cameron’s security adviser, Baroness Pauline Neville-Jones, said the Tories were determined to “integrate” British Muslims into mainstream society.

Lady Neville-Jones, a former head of the Joint Intelligence Committee which advises the Prime Minister on terrorism, said: “We are not going to have any status for sharia courts. Absolutely not.”

Outlining the Tories’ wider plans for tackling Islamic extremism, she added: “We will be tough. We will be really tough on the men of violence and those who lead them to violence. That’s the real gap between us and the Government at the moment.”

She said the party would abandon the “blind alley of multiculturalism, which has deliberately gone down the road of separation for its own sake. We want unity and opportunity, despite difference, through integration.”

She was backed by Shadow Home Secretary Dominic Grieve, who said that multiculturalism had left a “terrible” legacy and created a vacuum exploited by extremists. The Tory plans also include:

Banning a string of groups blamed for encouraging Islamic extremism.

Working with other EU countries to change the Convention on Human Rights which has blocked the deportation of hate preacher Abu Qatada and others believed to be a threat to Britain.

Changing the school curriculum to encourage teaching of British values and make youngsters “proud of their country.”

In recent years, sharia courts have been established in a number of cities. The Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams, caused controversy by claiming the adoption of some aspects of sharia law was “unavoidable”.

Supporters claim the verdicts of sharia courts are already legally binding in a string of areas, including divorce, financial disputes and even cases of domestic violence and assault.

Critics insist the courts discriminate against women and undermine the rule of law. They also warn the use of Islamic law encourages a separatist agenda.

Lady Neville-Jones said minor disputes could be settled by “customary mediation,” including sharia and the Jewish Beth Din system, but there could be no question of the “courts” enjoying any formal legal status. “We are not going to have any legal recognition of sharia judgments that would withstand appeal to a secular court,” she said.

The Conservatives are also looking at extending the list of Islamic groups banned from operating in this country on the grounds they foster extremism.

Islamic extremist group Hizb ut-Tahrir, which critics accuse of encouraging the killing of Jews, is a likely target.

Lady Neville-Jones said the Conservatives would also look at the activities of certain charities, including the “charitable” arm of the Palestinian terrorist group Hezbollah, which operates freely here.

The major Islamic group Tablighi Jamaat, which wants to build Europe’s largest “mega mosque” near the London Olympics site, will also be examined.


Always On Watch said...

Hmmmm....Perhaps the situation is so bad now in the Uk that previous fully-blown dhimmis are waking up.

Pastorius said...

What is a "Shadow Minister"?

Is that the equivalent of an American President's Cabinent? She is his Security Adviser, right? So, does that mean she's like the head of the Dept. of Homeland Security in the U.S.?