Friday, January 09, 2009

Oslo: Jihadists, Leftists riot, attack Israel supporters, police at pro-jihad rally

Video from Pamela, who has photos also, as well as a report from someone who was there. An excerpt:

I just attended a pro-Israel rally in downtown Oslo (the capital of Norway). The terrorists and radical socialists were surrounding the fenced-in area where the peaceful assembly took place, chanting their vicious slogans and throwing eggs. The situation escalated as they began throwing bottles and rocks, then ultimately firebombs, injuring numerous senior citizens. They're still creating havoc in downtown Oslo, which is practically blanketed in teargas. They're all marching on the Israeli embassy now.


WC said...

Poor Europe. Should they defend the rights of thugs to tear up their country - or defend their country from the thugs.

With the albatross of multiculturalism around their necks, they know not what to to do.

Pastorius said...

This is the legacy of the European love affair with "revolution."

Anonymous said...

Shameful acts, once again, EUROPEANS WAKE UP BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE !!!
Great job Pastorius, kep telling people the truth,
Greetings from Athens...

Pastorius said...

Thank you, my Athenian friend.

Unknown said...


You're an optimist, Athenian. I believe it is already too late. We just have to think about how to manage from now on.

"Open war is upon you, whether you like it or not". Aragorn to Theoden King. The Two Towers. Lord of the Rings.

Just that.

By the way, I don't know if you have seen this:

Anger within Britain's Muslim communities over the Gaza conflict has reached "acute levels of intensity" that could have repercussions for national security, leading Muslims will warn Gordon Brown today.

In a letter to the prime minister, representatives of Muslim organisations will say the Israeli government's use of "disproportionate force" to combat threats to its security has "revived extremist groups" and "empowered their message of violence and perennial conflict".

The letter, a copy of which can be read on the Guardian's Comment is Free website, also says that the "current, partisan and simplified narrative" emanating from the White House is of "serious and direct harm" to relations between the UK, North America and Arab countries.