Saturday, January 10, 2009

Chicago: Three Synagogues Attacked In Land of Obama - "Death to the Jews" Spraypainted on Walls

From the Chicago Sun-Times:

Two North Side synagogues and one in Lincolnwood were vandalized early Saturday, including one that had "Death to Israel" spray-painted on a wall, police said.

Vandals threw a brick through the front glass doors of Lincolnwood Jewish Congregation, 7117 N. Crawford, around 6 a.m. Saturday, police said.

Vandals also scrawled "Death to Israel" and "Free Palestine" in orange spray paint on the synagogue's outside walls.

Lincolnwood Police Lt. Mark Brines said police were notified at 6:10 a.m. that a caretaker in the building heard a brick crash through a window at the temple.

The caretaker later saw "two unknown males running from the scene," Brines said.

Lincolnwood police believe the vandalism could be related to two similar incidents at nearby synagogues in Chicago.

Chicago Police spokeswoman Antoinette Ursitti said police were investigating early morning criminal damage to buildings on the 2700 block of West Morse and the 6500 block of North California.

Anshe Motele Congregation is at 6526 N California, while Lubavitch Mesivta of Chicago is at 2756 W. Morse.

Officials with those temples could not be reached Saturday afternoon.

"The incidents involved vandalism containing derogatory statements and are being investigated as possible hate crimes," Ursitti said, declining to give more details.

The FBI's Joint Terrorism Task Force has been notified, Brines said.


midnight rider said...


fires. riots. now broken glass. all against the jews.


Wake up America you are becoming that which you once fought & despised!

Anonymous said...

Welcome to our world!

Epaminondas said...


Pastorius said...

People without a sense of historical perspective would take your comment as a joke. For surely, broken glass is not nearly as frightening as fires and riots.

But, of course, you are referring to Kristalnacht (the night of broken glass):

midnight rider said...

Exactly, Pastorius, it's no joke. And it was the first thing I thought of when I read this.

The night of November 9, 1938. German mobs rampaged, attacked Jews everywhere. Burned or destroyed thousands THOUSANDS of homes, shops, Synagogues over 2 days or so. Thousands of Jews were deported to the camps in that same time. Kristallnacht -- "Crystal Night" -- because the broken glass in the streetlights reminded many of crystals glinting. And so began the Holocaust in earnest.

It's no joke. & I figured anyone here at IBA knew that history although, in retrospect, that's a bit presumptuios on my part.

And so when I see Jewish businesses being boycotted in Italy, Jews attacked in London or Paris, cars and businesses burned in Europe it chills me like nothing else. Thus are we behaving, becoming, what we fought against 67 years ago.

It's a theme I've been hitting a good bit recently (you all no doubt noticed) because it is terrifying we are turning that way. History is screaming at us from across the abyss and no one NO ONE is paying attention. Instead we are about to take that last long fatal step.

If anyone was offended and thought that was a joke I make no apology other than I'm sorry you know not your history. Read a book on history and turn off the fucking TeeVee before it's too late and you're next.

midnight rider said...


I'm your huckleberry.


Pastorius said...

You said: when I see Jewish businesses being boycotted in Italy, Jews attacked in London or Paris, cars and businesses burned in Europe it chills me like nothing else. Thus are we behaving, becoming, what we fought against 67 years ago.

It's a theme I've been hitting a good bit recently (you all no doubt noticed) because it is terrifying we are turning that way. History is screaming at us from across the abyss and no one NO ONE is paying attention.

I say: I think no one is paying attention because they don't know the history.

I have been in advertising and marketing for most of my career. One thing I have learned is that, while people are not stupid, people pay very little attention, and you can expect them to remember only the most scant and arbitrary details.

The "Telephone Game" is a good example of how people think. Pass an idea around in a circle, and it is something completely different by the time it comes around.

That's the way it is with history. As we have seen, from the comments we hear out of our world leaders, even the intelligentsia has little grasp on the facts of history. George Bush, for instance, believes he has spread Democracy to Iraq. One of the most basic ideas of 8th grade Civics is that Voting does not equal democracy. The founders of our country came up with the system of checks and balances, precisely because they did not believe in the mob rule which would occur under a absolute Democracy. Instead, we have the three branches, Executive, Legislative and Judicial. And, of course, we have a Constitution which sits above all three.

That's not what we have in Iraq. Instead, their Constitution enshrines Sharia law, which is absolutely antithetical to a human rights-respecting Democratic Republic.

but, George Bush calls it a Democracy. And, he has called Gaza a victory for Democracy as well.

He must have been third of fourth in the telephone game circle when they played the Civics version at Yale.

And, he is a very good example of how few facts even our leaders are able to remember.

Bad sentence, but I think you know what I mean.


midnight rider said...

Right. We are a Republic, as intended, not a Democracy. A true democracy = anarchy and, although it would be a helluva party for awhile, who wants to clean up the mess? I'm not sure what Iraq is now, though neither democracy nor republic. Better than when Saddam was there, for now, but in a year or two or three it could be a very different/worse ground game.

They don't know the history because they have become lazy. The end result of instant gratification. Much easier to watch American Idle than read American History. Easier to buy Netflix than read a site about Nazi Germany. And for God sakes nothing that makes me actually have to think and reason. I want my information and I want it now but I want it my way. The world and all the historical background in 30 minutes (actually 12 after commercials trying to sell us sham wowzer because it picks up liquids FASTER) WHILE I'm nuking dinner for my family or paying bills online because, y'know, Wheel of Fortune is on next and they're in Cancun this week.

The MSM plays to this while spinning their own agenda into it. It has gotten so bad I don't even watch FoxNews anymore. But they're not the only source.

The internet itself is a major part of the problem, which is ironic because it's also a major way to get the news out. We can do all our shopping online now. We don't have to go out and mix with people where, y'know, you might actually have a conversation with someone who may not agree with you and learn something. It's easy to fnd information, too. Everything I want to know about this that or the other. Hey look, this article is 4 pages, this 3 paragraphs. We'll get all the info we need from the shorter because, 'yknow, America's Stupidest Home Videos is on in 5 minutes and I have to make the sandwiches and chips before that.

I'm not sure when or why we got this lazy. Certainly after WWII. The cutlural revolution of the 60's was a major catalyst. Revere or AoW had it right the other day when they said 95% of Americans today wouldn't have lasted a month in 1933.

In a word, we've allowed ourselves to become spoiled.

Maybe what we need is fewer oLD McDonalds and Burger Things and AppleTree's and Fryday's and more local pubs and Taverns like F--n-g--s and T--op-r T--r-s. It's where America started, afterall. Where discussions were had -- people TALKING to each other what a concept -- about what was wrong and how to fix it. Where the seeds of the Republic were planted. And the history we have forgotten was made.

Anonymous said...

my wife goes to the one shul that had death to jews and israel spray painted on its front door.

yochanan of lgf

midnight rider said...

Anon. I'm truly sorry our "countrymen" have lost their manners and taken total leave of their senses.

I wish I could tell you this was isolated or an aberration & it wouldn't happen again but you wouldn't believe it nor would I myself.

Anonymous said...

According to this, Jews are organizing armed rapid-response self-defence squads. Troublemakers will have lead cast upon them (pun intended).

Always On Watch said...

In America!

For God's sake.

Are the mainstream media reporting any of this to any extent?

Epaminondas said...

Time for the JDL.
I despised what Meir Kahane eventually came to stand for.
But there is no denying that 'never again' means NEVER.

These people should be baited in and taken out .. and how?
Anyone see the pic of the naked skier hanging upside down, un-pantsed from the ski lift?
They should be objects of humiliation and ridicule, and then face prosecution

Reliapundit said...

nearly ALL the global antisemitic act are by MUSLIMS, the few which aren;t are by LEFTISTS.

they are birds of a feather: they hate Western Civ/Judeo-Christian civ.

their within our gates.

eliminating these two foes of democracy is necessary for us to maintain our liberty.

it ain't gonna be pretty.

Pastorius said...

You say: nearly ALL the global antisemitic act are by MUSLIMS, the few which aren;t are by LEFTISTS.


Valerie said...

I see you have an entry “Why do Muslims teach their children to hate?”

Well, one answer is that they have agreed to do so. It’s in the Hamas Covenant

The Hamas Covenant includes, among other things, an agreement to engage in an advertising campaign to convince Muslims that every Muslim has a personal religious duty to murder their neighbors.

The reaction of the populace in Iraq toward Al-Qaeda-in-Iraq, and the Muslim clerics in India toward the terrorists in Mumbai would suggest that ordinary Muslims really do not accept the terms of this document. The document, however, remains in effect and has so far remained unrepudiated.

It's time to challenge Muslim authorities, both clerical and secular, to repudiate this blueprint for unholy war as unIslamic.

Their response to this challenge will tell us what Islam really is.

Pastorius said...

Yes, the Hamas Convenant spells out the Jew-hating world view of Hamas far better than Mein Kampf ever spelled out Hitler's real feelings.