Saturday, December 28, 2013

A Woman in a Burqa

When you see a woman in your town wearing a burqa, does it make you feel invaded? If so, does that mean you are an intolerant racist? Does that mean you are a narrow-minded bigot?

Let me ask you another question: If you see a nun in your town wearing a nun's habit, do you feel invaded? If you see a Tibetan Buddhist monk in your town wearing monk robes, do you feel invaded? If not, then "narrow-minded bigot" and "intolerant racist" must miss the mark. Something else is causing you to feel invaded when you see a woman in a burqa.

A burqa is a visible sign indicating that the wearer is following a particular ideology. If we see a Catholic nun in a Catholic nun habit, we can guess with a high degree of certainty what ideology she follows. If we see a Tibetan monk with a shaved head and a saffron robe, we can guess with a high degree of certainty what ideology he is following. If we see a man who has shaved his head and has a swastika tattooed on his neck, we can guess with a high degree of certainty what ideology he follows.

Back to the woman in a burqa. Why are you bothered by seeing a woman in a burqa walking down your local street, but many of your fellow citizens are not the slightest bit bothered by it? Some of your fellow citizens would be much more bothered by the fact that you feel invaded. Why? Because they don't know much about Islamic doctrine. They believe Islam is just like any other religion. They may see the woman in a burqa as a wonderful manifestation of multiculturalism. You see it as an invasion. The only difference is how much you each know about Islam.

If you know someone who is not bothered by a woman in a burqa, talk to them about Islamic doctrine. Do it gently. Think small bits and long campaigns. Use Inquiry Into Islam to help you. It may take awhile for the reality to sink in, but when it does, we are in a better position to marginalize, discredit, and disempower orthodox Islam. The fewer non-Muslims unacquainted with Islam the better off we'll be.


Citizen Warrior said...

It's a small thing, but an easy entry into a conversation: "Does it bother you when you see a woman in a burqa?"

Anonymous said...

The nun, the monk, the dude in the cowboy hat all choose what they wear. The woman in the burka is under compulsion.

Pastorius said...

Great post.

Anonymous said...

If recollection of elementary parochial lessons serve accurately, the nuns "habit" represents the various degree/level of vows taken towards chastity, poverty, modesty, & devotion to Christ's church. Begs the question, is the burka simply another rip off from Christian doctrine/dogma?

cjk said...

They are the equivalent of walking swastikas.
I like the post, but there is also a type of idiocy to a mindset that sees a burkad woman as just another harmless expression of a culture.
Allowing any group to walk around fully masked is insane and goes against the most basic common sense.

Citizen Warrior said...

The burqa MAY be under compulsion. If it is, then the burqa is a sign that her husband or father is committed to the Islamic ideology.

Anonymous said...

Exactly. It bothers me because I know about Islam. But it is only the fact that Muslims have a supremacist belief system where they want everyone else to bow down to them that bothers me.

Hinduism has a lot of disturbing beliefs, but whatever they do amongst each other is none of my would only be a problem if they started forcing their shit on me. Muslims have that problem already, they've had it for the last 1400 years.

Like your article said, the burqa represents an invasion. An invasion of a foreign force and a foreign ideology that imposes its will on others.

If Muslims stopped forcing their BS on others (not gonna happen, Islam demands it from Muslims that they force their shit on others) then I wouldn't care one bit what they wear. And yes, it has got nothing to do with race. White women in burqas are just as despicable as black, brown, yellow, red or whatever.

Anyway, Citizen Warrior, really liked this article of yours. Can't find anything I disagree with. Will let you know if I do though :P.

Thanks for posting it.


Anonymous said...

Burqa has got nothing to do with Catholicism or Christianity.

The concept of the Burqa (or Abaya) comes from the 33rd Sura of the Quran. That Sura was basically dictated by Mohammed when he probably thought his wives were cheating on him and maybe couldn't satisfy them anymore and thought they'd leave for other men or whatever.

It has verses such as verse 53 that tells strangers to talk to Mohammed's wives from "behind a curtain". So you know, the wives don't go on an orgy with strangers.

Also verses such as 55 that tell who the wives are allowed to talk to. It lists out the people they can talk to...basically lists like three kindsa people...apparently Mohammed really was insecute...HAHA!

And then Mohammed goes further and says that anytime his wives and his daughters AND BELIEVING WOMEN, aka all Muslim women, go out, they need to have their "cloaks" covering them on all sides so people recognize them as Muslims and don't hit on them...

That is verse 59 and one of the major sources of where the Burqa comes from. Like I've said before, the burqa is NOT a sign of oppression but rather a sign of pride for Muslim women because they are following their dog Allah.

Is it possible that some women are forced to wear it. Yeah, but that's not the vast majority of them. This whole "the burqa is oppression" movement, is misplaced and silly.

To paraphrase CW's post. The Abaya/Burqa is a sign of invasion. It is a uniform that they wear proudly to tell you that either soon you'll join them or be subjugated/dead.


Pastorius said...

All these years writing on this subject and there's something I did not know.

It sounds like you should write a short post on the burqa too.

Anonymous said...


Will try to get around to it soon.