Thursday, December 26, 2013

How is this cheerleader-turned-soldier someone to celebrate if she's also a dhimmi?

Rachel Washburn, a former cheerleader for the Philadelphia Eagles, led a career as a soldier in Afghanistan. But what she says in this USA Today interview leaves me with a bad aftertaste:
Prior to her first eight-month tour in Afghanistan in 2011-12, she became part of a new "Cultural Support Team" program to attach women to special ops units to relate to Afghan women.

"I was always seen as somebody they could relate to and not this American imposter who brings my values to that country," said Washburn, who wore a head scarf when amongst the Afghans.

"We kind of noticed that women everywhere share certain similarities. They obviously care about their home, their children. Women everywhere love pretty things. So if we wore a pretty head scarf, it would be like an icebreaker."
Is she saying the values in the USA are junk?!? That's the vibe I'm getting from her comment. Furthermore, I doubt she for one noticed what similarities the women in Afghanistan have, which is submission to men as property. And what's so "pretty" about a burka that isn't so pretty about a colorful dress? The boat she missed is that whether men or women, Muslims are de facto more accepting of women who submit to their beliefs that a woman must wear oppressive clothing.

Some people might think she's someone to celebrate. I strongly disagree, and believe she's a disgrace because she did not think for herself, and trashed American values by legitimizing backwards beliefs and not trying to get through to the Afghans about why there's more to life than living in self-induced poverty and other forms of vile oppression. How can we improve the situation in jihad-stricken war zones we refuse to make it clear to the backwards inhabitants what beliefs they have aren't acceptable?

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