Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Muslim Brotherhood Students Flash Nazi Salute During Protest At Cairo University

Obama's friends.
Cairo University students supporting the Muslim Brotherhood and deposed President Mohamed Mursi shout slogans at the university’s campus in Cairo December 29, 2013.(REUTERS/STRINGER)


Anonymous said...

OT . . .anyone else having difficulty connecting to VladTepes blog or Gates of Vienna?

Pastorius said...

I have not had that trouble. I visited Vlad's blog a couple hours ago.

Pastorius said...


No, I can't get on that site right now.

I wonder what's up.

Anonymous said...

Both sites work now. Thx for checking. -HRW

P.S. Wishes for a very productive, successful, healthy and prosperous Happy New Year!

Pastorius said...