Wednesday, December 18, 2013

REALY?? DO they have ANY IDEA .. ANY IDEA, what they sound like?

The latest:
They think a commercial which THEY THINK is properly targeted will solve the issues of a bad, ill conceived, product which is too expensive for the product IF IT DELIVERED, which it does not?
I at least gave them credit for being smart, but it appears all they are is a bunch of morons. Idiot savants with an ideology and an aptitude for campaigns in which ANYTHING can be promised and nothing has to be delivered.
But this PROMISE they made now MUST touch every SINGLE american.
And guess what?
The more they open their mouths, the more they appear on camera, the more people actually SEE WHO THEY ARE.
A Onesie?


Unknown said...

It gets worse there's another one :

Straight from Santa's Elf costume wardrobe. :)

Unknown said...

Couldn't resist the 'temptation' :)

Santa's Promise !

Always On Watch said...

It's madness!


Always On Watch said...

That guy in the photo isn't wrapped right. Just look at him! Sheesh.

Always On Watch said...

Hey, have you seen the comments to the OFA's have-the-ObamaCare-talk-during-the-holidays? One sample:

That's what I want to do for the holidays... celebrate Obamacare!

Deck the halls with debt and folly, fa-la-la-la-la..

Epaminondas said...

AoW, did you intend to quote the last lines of Bridge Over the River Kwai?

Very Apt

BTW, I actually posted this at about 6am, but deleted because I gelt it SO stupid it had to be, HAD TO BE, Onionesque something. Some twitter pals took about 2-3 hours to convince me it was real