Thursday, December 19, 2013

Every version of Islam is bad

The UK Spectator wrote about the trial of the two jihadists who murdered Lee Rigby in Woolwich. But while they do have some good points to raise, it becomes problematic when the writer says that:
...the murder of Drummer Rigby had everything to do with Islam: a nasty, bigoted, backward version of Islam to be sure, but a version of Islam nonetheless.
That's basically implying that "true" Islam isn't backwards, when in fact it is, and the two savages proved it themselves when they quoted from the Koran during the trial. But, this head-in-the-sand act is something we've come to expect from most mainstream news companies.

The jihadists deserve to get a death penalty, but this being a European country, I doubt they'll ever get what they really need to be given.

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