Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Juan Williams Denies Jesus Was a Jew, Says Jesus Was Likely ‘Oriental Asian’ or a ‘Moor’ (Video)

An insult to Christianity and Judaism.
“And in Jesus’s case, I read Killing Jesus. It’s not a case here. A man born in Palestine, Jewish. It’s more likely he is Arab or even Oriental Asian or maybe even a Moor, than white.“

The Moors were the medieval Muslim inhabitants of Morocco, western Algeria, Western Sahara, Mauritania, the Iberian Peninsula, Septimania, Sicily and Malta. 


Charles Martel said...

Who is more ignorant, Kelly or Juan? At least equally arrogant!

Anonymous said...

How can he be trusted to know anything or research anything with reasonable diligence if something as basic and well-known as Jesus' Jewish identity eludes him?

Epaminondas said...

A Moor at the outset of the Roman Empire, interesting.

Of course, the majority of what Williams thinks of as arabs WERE jews at that time. If not, PAGANS.

I always wondered, based on the desire of so many jews, myself and ENTIRE family included, WHY we love Chinese food so much. One lost in the Phila suburbs I noticed 3 chinese restaurants in a 2 block area, on the next block were 2 synagogues.

NOW I KNOW WHY THIS IS TRUE! Jesus invented stir frying

Williams is staggering.

Epaminondas said...

@charles .. but WHO would rather watch being wrong? (She admitted, btw)
Besides, do a youtube search for Kelly and Bill Burton. That caused me to fall in love.

Epaminondas said...

Kelly admitted Jesus was certainly semitic, and therefore could have been anything we regard as 'color'. THE WHOLE THING IS RIDIC.

Reminds me of the play in which god is a puerto rican bathroom attendant.

MEanwhile millions will have no health insurance on Jan 1. TWO WEEKS.

Pastorius said...

Ok, you and I agree the whole thing was stupid. We diverge on this, however. THIS, this statement from Juan Williams, is NOT stupid. IT IS ANTI-SEMITIC AND ANTI-CHRISTIAN in origin.

The only way that a person could conceivably make the mistake he made is

1) he was drunk

2) he is an anti-Semite who constantly bathes himself in anti-Semitic literature, or

3) he is so fucking stupid that he is not Juan Williams the newscaster we've come to know.

Pastorius said...

How can anyone in the Western world live past the age of 50 and not know that Jesus was a Jew?

Pastorius said...

Williams married Delise Susan in July, 1978. They are the parents of one daughter, Rae, and two sons, Antonio ("Tony") and Raphael ("Raffi").[26] Tony, who was a Senate page and intern for GOP Senator STROM THURMOND from 1996 to 1997 ...

Anonymous said...

Juan's response suggests the source for the idea of Jesus' heritage. . .Bill O'Reilly's "Killing Jesus" book

Pastorius said...

Oh, is that what Killing Jesus is? A Bill O'Reilly historical book? I had no idea.

This is where Juan Williams gets his understanding of history?

I don't understand.

Do you know anything about that book?

Pastorius said...

By the way, Juan Williams worked for that guy Ron Schiler at NPR. Remember Schiller who promised the group of "Arabs" that he didn't believe any Jew money was involved in NPR's news. Remember that?

Williams worked for that guy for years.

Pastorius said...

It tells you something about our society that no one is calling Williams out for this statement. Again, if a white man said this, we would think he was a Ku Klux Klan type.

Pastorius said...

I did think of a possible explanation other than anti-Semitism Perhaps Williams was trying to say Jesus would have looked like an Arab. Of course that would be true, given that he lived in that part of the world.

Pastorius said...

Having looked at it again, I think I must say I am sorry. I am pretty sure what Juan Williams is trying to say is Jesus was a Jew, so he looked more like an Arab than a white man.

So yeah, never mind.

Anonymous said...

Can someone put the whole thing up, I've only seen what Williams said.

He says as a Jew born in "Palestine" means that it is MORE LIKELY that Jesus was an Arab, a Moore, or even an Oriental than WHITE.

Okay...first of all. That's one of the dumbest statements I've heard. Why is it more likely that Jesus is Oriental than white?

Roman Empire was the one ruling over Israel (Jesus wasn't born in Palestine...the region was called Palestine in the 2nd century AD after the Jewish revolt), one can safely say that there were more whites in Israel at the time than anything resembling Chinese people.

Secondly, it is also wrong and stupid to say "being a Jew he was more likely Arab". I am sure Williams knows how to say "it is more likely HE LOOKED LIKE an Arab..."? Or is English not his mother-tongue?

But more importantly, have these people not been to Lebanon and Syria...a huge portion of their population DON'T LOOK ARAB. They are white (with their own peculiar features though).

"He was a Moore". Do I even need to comment on that stupidity?

Anyway, that Jesus looked WHITE is way more likely than that he looked Oriental. I can role with him looking LIKE ARABS but that doesn't make him an ARAB.

Either way, Williams is either a very dumb idiot who doesn't know how to talk or he hates whites.

And no, in the end, it doesn't really matter what race Jesus was. But it does matter in the sense that there is an ongoing campaign to basically make it okay to say "nope, nuh uh, anything but WHITE" and that is as fucked up as white supremacists who hate people of color.

I'm chalking Juan Williams up as a racist, black supremacist bigot who should apologize for what he said or resign.


Anonymous said...

"He should NOW* be depicted as a penguin?" is what I meant to say.


Anonymous said...

"Why is it more likely that Jesus is Oriental than white? -Pastorius"

Perhaps Juan considers "Middle-Eastern" & "Far -Eastern" share identity features?

Although Juan Williams seems a generally harmless, even likable persona, his journalistic skills v. general scholarship suggest he arrived via affirmative action.

Anonymous said...

Hebrews 7:14 Our Lord was descended from Judah

Epaminondas said...

okay .. I was being sarcastic and toungue in cheek, and Juan saying jesus was a frickin oriental asian is like saying he meant oriental the way Bernard Lewis meant the word oriental. Williams would have made that distinction. There are a significant number of anti semitic so called intellectual americans, some of whom base this in their own self identification as blacks. We just saw that kind of thing from the bklyn dem laurie cumbo.

Frankly if Williams is one of these kinds of ignoramuses it's even more obnoxious since these people try to explain their sick inner compulsions and ignorance via some academic accomplishments.

Is there anything else this guy has personally said or done though, to confirm this is so?

Others of this ilk such as Walt and Mearsheimer have a history. Arhtur Butz, a history. Is there one here? I have NO idea.

If so, Williams is gone. Ailes has little tolerance for that kind of shit. In fact remember how ED Hill got fired? One step over the line of accusation ... and bingo.

Anonymous said...

EPA . . .please elaborate on E.D.Hill's firing. I recall being impressed with her counter-establishment reporting on jihad. What happened?

Anonymous said...

The fact that one is left guessing and perplexed as to what the guy meant is in and of itself proof of his mediocrity as a journalist.

The fact that he said "Jesus was born in Palestine" is also historically inaccurate (since at the time, Israel was known as Judea)...so if he doesn't know his history there...yeah, I'm not willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. The whole "it was always Palestine before the Jews stole it from Arabs" is a story that has been fed to libs and Muslims for years. Anyone saying or repeating shit like that is an anti-semitic racist piece of shit in my book.

As for whether he has a history of being an idiot, I'm not sure.


Anonymous said...

I remember E.D. Hill was one of the best on Fox. I think she got fired over something as stupid as a remark made about a "fist bump" and Obama and Michelle.

Yep, i was right. Just found this wiki page--

"On June 3, 2008, Barack Obama and his wife Michelle Obama fist bumped during a televised presidential campaign speech in St. Paul, Minnesota, and the gesture became known as "the fist bump heard 'round the world".[5] Fox News host E. D. Hill paraphrased an anonymous internet comment in asking whether the gesture was a "terrorist fist jab",[6][7] after which her contract was not renewed.["