Sunday, November 29, 2015

57 Charles de Gaulle Airport Workers On Terror Watch List

From the New York Post:
The security passes of 86,000 workers at Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris will be reviewed after it was found that 57 employees with access to airliners were on a terror watch list, according to a report. 
Security badges were taken away from dozens of workers at the airport after terror attacks in Paris in January — but others continued working, the Sunday Times of London reported. 
Police official Philippe Riffault told the paper that the review of airport passes will begin with 5,000 security personnel. 
“It’s a question of verifying what these people might have been doing since they obtained their authorization,” Riffault said. 
Police carried out extensive searches of the airport under state-of-emergency powers after the Nov. 13 Paris attacks in which 130 people were killed and 350 injured by Islamic State militants. 
Belgium, where several of the Paris attackers had lived, also has pulled security badges from several airport workers after discovering that some had links to jihadis who had traveled to Syria. 
Meanwhile, anxiety has been brewing about radicalism among bus, Metro and railroad workers. Samy Amimour, who blew himself up in the Bataclan concert hall in Paris, managed to get a job as a bus driver while on a watch list.


WC said...

This is beyond me. Why didn't they do this before? Why are people on watch list not arrested or deported? What the hell is watch list anyway? Especially if they can't keep track of all of them? Can authorities be that stupid that they can't put two and two together? It's the height of incompetence!

Anonymous said...

There's that number in Obama's 57 states,the 57 nations of the, 57 muhammedans