Wednesday, November 25, 2015

What the Fuck Is Going On With Turkey Shooting Down a Russian Warplane?

By the way, the chick reporter in this video is HOT HOT HOT! (Her name is even Chickayan which is just a really good name for a Hot Chick like her.)

The problem with choosing a horse in the race over there in Syria is, we get ourselves into bad situations like this, where we are in alliance with Turkey who, apparently, wants to throw the "moderate Syrian opposition" to the wind.

This concept of "moderate Syrian opposition' is EXTREMELY DUBIOUS to me.

And yet, here we are in league with Turkey AND the Moderate Syrian Opposition, while Russia is clearly anti-ISIS (which means theoretically they are on our side) as well as standing against the "moderate Syrian opposition".

And so, what are we supposed to do; oppose Russia because they are going after "moderate Syrians"?


Anyway, for several weeks now, I have noticed that some Conservative commentators claim Russia is attacking ISIS, while some claim Russia is not attacking ISIS, but instead that Russia is attack our friends in the region.

Who are these Moderate Syrian Rebels?

Anyone know?


Here's a comment which was emailed to me:
I remember early on in the Syrian conflict seeing images of crated arsenals in the hands of jihad rebels. The crates, had English lettering. In my mind the stories we have access to are scripted for public consumption. The real stories can be hard to ferret out. 
I remember the Elizabeth O'Bagy media blitz - a woman who was a darling and "expert" on Syria until it was found out that she had falsified her CV. After her think tank fired her for fraud, Senator McCain hired her as a staffer. So a woman who is unethical is rewarded for a script which is compliant to the Administration line. What we are reading perhaps has a kernel of truth. What the greater truth is, only a few people know. 
So who are the moderate rebels? I haven't a clue.


LL said...

The Turks claim they had the right to shoot, but it was not a smart move. It makes Turkey appear to be providing air support to extreme Islamic terrorists. Russia, the US and the rest of NATO have long known that Turkey has been a primary supporter of the Islamic State since its inception. Now the Turks have acted openly as accomplices to terrorism, especially if the Turkish fighters operated in Syria.

The Russians will avenge this shoot down. They subscribe to the Israeli doctrine of asymmetric punishment. (as do I)

Russia has many options for retaliation, such as a Russian ambush of Turkish jets operating in Syrian airspace against Syrian Kurdish positions which they regularly do. Russian air defense missiles at Humaymim near Latakia and from the cruiser Moskva easily can reach the Turkish border. The Syrians have given the Russians permission to defend Syrian airspace. Now they will.

And the US needs to decide NOW where it stands on the issue. Naturally we won't.

Pastorius said...

I hope they do, as you say, ambush Turkish jets that "stray" into Syrian airspace.

christian soldier said...

why is Turkey considered and ally?!
it is not an ally of the US - I know that for sure!

Anonymous said...

Carol-CS, Turkey is part of NATO, though you wouldn't know it for all the support they gave (/sarc) to Bush during our presence in Iraq.

Anonymous said...

FWIW...Conservative Treehouse has another theory to consider...What if the Turkish shooting of Russian flight jet was also to protect President Obama

Pastorius said...

I'm with Carol, Turkey SHOULD NOT BE PART OF NATO.

It's insane.

As far as I know, turkey is in league with ISIS.

But then, our President is in league with Turkey in their fight to Islamicize the Western world through immigration.

Pastorius said...

Hey Anonymous, thanks for the Conservative Treehouse link.