Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Prague Cancels Annual Christmas Tree Lighting Out of Fears of Terrorism


christian soldier said...

those who follow Christ had better start standing up to tyranny--OK- I've been stating the same for many years now-and -Christians are running out of cheeks to turn!

Always On Watch said...

No doubt about it: the West is losing.

Anonymous said...

Prague is the capital and largest city of the Czech Republic.

Back in 2006 there was a documentary film, "I, a Muslim" which explored the threat of Islam. Part 1 and Part II available for viewing online, with English subtitles.

FWIW...Hollywood is attracted to and often makes use of Prague as a choice location for many films like Les Misérables, Yentl, The Illusionist, Casino Royale, Mission Impossible, Amadeus took advantage of the charm and elegance of period appropriate architecture. One of my favorite programs (Starz, Outlander) recently completed their filming for next season in Prague (for scenes relating to Paris) - while simultaneously supporting the 'refugee' migrant/hijrah crisis "Outlander" actually makes mention of the cruelty of Islam with the character, Hugh Munro, muted after having his tongue cut out (leg burned with hot oil) for refusal to convert to the musselman creed as a captured slave. The costume displays "parish gaberlunzies", buttons/medals providing him access to charity. As a fan of both the books and video production, it was most disappointing to see the cast and fan sites remain so ignorant of the threat posed by today's musselmen migrants.

Pastorius said...

At some point, it is going to come time to stop beating this dead horse, and starting beating Muslims to death.