Thursday, November 26, 2015

Video: Syria's War

I stumbled across this video at Facebook. Accurate — or not?


Anonymous said...

"Accurate" if you accept the premise that the first shot was from Assad against the Arab Spring uprising.
However, the Arab Spring was launched from outside Syria...likely external interference from the US State Dept.

Nicoenarg said...

Well the video might as well have been produced by the Obama White House.

"Peaceful Arab spring demonstrators": Really? Arab spring was a MB operation to finally establish the caliphate that they'd been planning for since late 1920s. It was never meant to be peaceful. Everyone in the Gulf States understood that.

The only reason those demonstrations were successful in the beginning was precisely because of Obama's address in Cairo in June 2009 where Obama invited the MB even though the Egyptian government was against it.

Obama's apologies and fellating of Muslims clearly signaled to the MB that they could carry on with their operations and they wouldn't have to worry about America stepping in.

Magically a year and a half later, things start going to hell while the media is ever ready to give it a cute name like "The Arab Spring".

Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen etc showed both the Gulf states and Assad that this wasn't some sort of popular uprising but rather a planned move by Muslim Brotherhood. Which is why Bahrain took swift action against protests there. Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and the UAE cracked down on all planned protests.

Magically Qatar didn't get any "Arab Spring" related problems even though they're just as authoritarian as the other Gulf states. Obviously it has nothing to do with the fact that they bankroll Muslim Brotherhood! /sarc off.

Assad acted the only way he should and could have. I'd take Assad over Muslim Brotherhood any day of the week.

As for whether the Russians are attacking "anyone who is attacking Assad". Well no sh*t. Every single group armed by the US is either selling weapons to ISIS or has outright joined them. I say kill them all. They're all ISIS as far as I or anyone else who knows a thing or two about the middle east is concerned.

Pastorius said...

Great comment, Nico. I added it to the post a little way up the page that's about Putin accusing the U.S. of perhaps being in on the shooting down of the Russian Jet.