Tuesday, November 24, 2015


Always On Watch said...

But, but, but, Obama keeps saying that ISIS is contained.

Anonymous said...

Heard on Fox&Friends segment detailing a new 'terror alert' ap for smart phones ...the guest pushing the ap suggested this worldwide travel alert for Americans "is nothing new"

Feel better?

#1 I refuse to use aps - electronic tools which track behaviors can cut both ways

#2 Any ap can be hacked

#3 No, this does not appear to be 'same old' alert

And the msm wonders why their credibility is in the shitter?

BTW...during the above segment, two political commercials, one from Jeb and one from Marco Rubio....each professing that we are at war with 'radical islam'. What a quaint concept for those two to campaign on given their history with open borders and compassion for migrants!

Anonymous said...


Russia says to halt gas supplies to Ukraine, mulling coal cut off over Crimea (Reuters)

midnight rider said...

The alert does not apply to the U.S. mainland itself. Sec. Of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson was very specific. He wants us to go out and shop and dine and gather and congregate. If I weren't doing this from my phone I'd try to find the link.

It's like they're fucking begging to be hit here.