Sunday, November 29, 2015

Jihad: The Erdogan Family Business

From Gates of Vienna:
Ever since ISIS first took over oil refineries in Syria, the scuttlebutt has been that the Islamic State was distributing its oil through intermediaries using a Turkish port, and that the Erdogan family was taking a cut of the proceeds. The report below gives details about these arrangements. 
Yes, I know this information comes from a Russian news program. But that doesn’t mean its false — it just means that the Russians find it expedient to release the material now, after the Turks shot down one of their jets. One must assume that the Russian intelligence services have had access to evidence of these relationships for a long time.

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cjk said...

If someone told me thirty years ago that I, ME, I mean I would be looking to Moscow today for the truth about anything I would have told them they're crazy.