Monday, November 30, 2015

What's Up With That Guy Who Went On A Shooting/Mass Murder Spree in Colorado Springs?

Police won't release information because the feds have taken over and forbidden the locals to communicate with the press. This is the mass shooter protocol put in place after the Giffords shooting. DHS assumes immediate and total control to put a gag on the story line until all available information can scrubbed, massaged, or tailored to fit the administration narrative. This administration corrupts everything it touches and the Republican Party is, IMHO, complicit.
The guy/whatever is bat shit crazy. It's been reported that he is incoherent by acquaintances and neighbors yet cooperating with authorities. He has a lengthypolice record. The police are likely sifting through the muck of his incoherence...but....the feds will leap at the opportunity to cherry pick any potential crumb of utterance they find useful to their narrative...which apparently has been decided to focus on gun control and 'body parts'.
WOWT "A law enforcement official says the suspect in the shooting spree, 57-year-old Robert Dear, made a comment about "no more baby parts" after his arrest."
How convenient to have A(n unidentified) law enforcement official (fed or state or local?) reveal an unconfirmed quote from the suspect ...yet according to the above post, local LE "are not providing information on the weapon used in Friday’s shooting, a timeline of events or a motive of the suspect."


christian soldier said...

seeing that the 'incident' started at a near-by bank- and seeing that I do not trust the gvt nor the MSM--
the planned parenthood scenario has been and is suspect--it 'enables' the gun takers to lump pro lifers in w/ terrorists>>>

Anonymous said...

The "narrative" is a work-in-progress.