Friday, November 27, 2015

"Germany Is Not Negotiable"

From Gates of Vienna:
Below is another electrifying speech by Björn Höcke, a rising star in the new AfD party in Germany. The eloquence of his words shines through even for those who don’t understand German. Anyone who lives in the formerly free (and now multicultural) West can identify with the national sentiment that Mr. Höcke evokes, and wish that the same sort of voice could be heard speaking out in his or her native tongue. 
The love of one’s own people has long been cultural anathema in Germany. If Björn Höcke is any indication, that unofficial prohibition is now melting away as a result of the Great Refugee Crisis. 
Wir sind Wir! We are our own people! We must protect our country, we must protect our state and we must protect our Volk against the policies of the old-parties. And this task suits AfD considerably…. the AfD is the last peaceful chance which our country has, dear friends. 
Björn Höcke 18 November 2015 AfD Demonstration in Erfurt, Thuringia 
On 7 November, Gates of Vienna introduced a new personality in the German peoples’ resistance to her own abolition, as Thilo Sarrazin called it. He is Björn Höcke, parliamentary faction leader for the Alternative für Deutschland (AfD) in the state legislature of Thuringia and spokesman for the AfD in that state. 

Here is the speech:

Meanwhile, listen to the verbal excretions of this infected, pus-dripping cunt:

I do not totally disagree with the woman in the video. However, I hardly think this blitzkrieg demographic transition is something to celebrate, the way she does. To celebrate such a transition is a form of racism in itself.

German culture is worthy. It has produced quite a few great things in this world (as well as some true abominations).

Here's the thing: Culture is a sloppy system of ideas transmitted through words, behaviors, and traditions.

Culture is an alive thing, like a organism. It changes over time.

If a culture is worthwhile, as German culture is, you don't simply want to blast it into oblivion. One ought to work to make sure that a worthwhile culture is able to maintain it's balance, and evolve gradually.

This means analyzing the process of immigration as sets of ideas which can work together and produce something new.

I've heard a lot of blather, over the years, about "racism", and immigration, but I have yet to hear anyone call for studies as to how many people of a particular culture can be assimilated into another particular culture, without destroying the existing culture.

Western Civilization is worthwhile. If we are to maintain it's Freedoms, and it's creativity/productivity, we'd better get on the ball.

The Liberals who run roughshod over ideas like those I present above are either a) stupid and lazy in their thought, b) racist themselves (though they spend their time calling everyone else "racist"), or c) purposefully destructive.

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