Sunday, November 22, 2015

Eagles of Death Metal Speak Out About Paris Jihad Attacks

As you can see, the interview is conducted by Vice, who does not have a great record when it comes to reporting actual reality.

So we can expect the interview to be edited and scrubbed of most truth.

But the looks on their faces, and the shaking voices speak volumes.

I have friends who come from Muslim countries, and to this day, they still get that same look on their faces when they describe the horror of what they went through.

From the Daily Mail:
The Eagles of Death Metal have described the horror of the Bataclan concert hall massacre for the first time in an emotional interview. Lead singer Jesse Hughes told Vice that fans hid in his dressing room after the initial slaughter but were found by the killers who then murdered them all - except for a 'kid' hiding under his leather jacket. Hughes' voice shook and he fought back tears as he explained how so many of the band's fans at the gig in Paris were killed because they would not leave their friends behind.

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Anonymous said...

Cut/paste of comment at WZ:

tengallonhat==> Glenn • 30 minutes ago

Yesterday afternoon, a CNN reporter doing a live interview with an overseas correspondent let it slip that the French & Belgians found that the cell that did the Bataclan was originally suspected to be 400-strong and they discovered that size to be twice as many -- EIGHT HUNDRED immigrants are involved in the terrorist cell they are looking for in Belgium and France!!! The reporter knew she messed up by saying it was "double the 400" and quickly rushed beyond that topic.