Monday, November 30, 2015

Obama The Traitor: His Plan To Defeat ISIS All Smoke And Mirrors

Obama is living up to his Islamic middle name: Hussein.

According to a November 27 article in the Telegraph, Barack Obama plan to defeat Isil dismissed by US intelligence experts: Former and serving diplomats and intelligence officials tell the Telegraph that President Obama's hopes of defeating Islamic State are based on "smoke and mirrors" and the intelligence community is totally broken, particularly with regard to a strategy for defeating the Islamic State.

Think about the progression over the course of less than two weeks.

On November 12, Barack Hussein Obama tells George Stephanopoulos that ISIS is definitely "contained" and, in essence, not an existential threat because the Moslem savages are not gaining strength.

Then on November 13 come the Paris jihad slaughters.

Next, on November 21, Brussels, the headquarters of NATO and the seat of the European Union, goes on lockdown for several days.

On November 25, Barack Hussein Obama addresses the American people to tell us "the combined resources of our military, our intelligence, and our homeland security agencies are on the case" and "be vigilant."

Our intelligence agencies are "on the case"? Really? Remember this from the linked article:
“Where is the intelligence community? It is totally broken on this.”
The evidence is piling up that there is more going on than incompetence, misfeasance and delusion

The problem may indeed lie in senior leader decision-making and risk assessment. Ultimately, though, the buck stops at the desk of the Oval Office.

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