Monday, November 23, 2015

Lawyers Representing Ahmed “Clock Kid” Mohamed Demand $10 Million From City Of Irving

From the Blaze:
Attorneys representing the family of Ahmed “clock kid” Mohamed sent a letter to Irving, Texas, officials demanding $10 million in compensation for “damages” and written apologies from the city’s mayor and police chief. The letter, obtained by Dallas Morning News reporter Avi Selk, gives city officials 60 days to “comply” with the demands or face “civil action addressing the causes of action and events” related to the infamous clock incident. 
“For personal security reasons, Ahmed and family are in Doha, Qatar. However, when they feel safe again, all of them want more than anything to come home, to Irving, Texas,” the letter states.
I can almost guarantee you Irving will pay the Jizya to the little Queefing Cock Boy.


Always On Watch said...

99.9% chance that the jizya will be paid -- and that certain Irving officials will be forced to resign.

Pete Rowe said...

Dont bet on it. The mayor is tough as nails.

christian soldier said...

glad to know that - Pete-

and- to all- these muslims do have a system that knows how to sue--


Pastorius said...

Pete, are you from the Irving area?

Pete Rowe said...

North Texas, yes. Beth Van Duyne has already stood up to the Islamists, which is why they are after her.

Pete Rowe said...

North Texas, yes. Beth Van Duyne has already stood up to the Islamists, which is why they are after her.

Always On Watch said...

I'd love to believe that Irving won't roll over and pay the jizya.

However, I've been disappointed in fighters so many times that I've become a hardened cynic.

Hell, I can't even get evangelical Christians to admit that Islam is a pagan religion. All I keep hearing is "Abrahamic faith."

Anonymous said...

The thing that pisses me off here is that money - sorry Liberal readers - does not grow on trees. That means if they give clock "my family is named after a terrorist' boy $15 million, that has to come out of everyone else's education fund. So he is punishing, not just the teachers, but the other students.

And again, as a culturist, if you belong to a religion that supports the violent imposition of theocracy, you deserve extra scrutiny.

Culturist John

Always On Watch said...

Obviously, this family doesn't give a damn about Irving -- never mind that they are American citizens who have been settled in Irving for quite a time.

Always On Watch said...

See something. Say something. Get your ass sued off.