Sunday, December 27, 2015

Bitchistan: The Queens and Princesses of Dhimmitown Attempt To Rewrite The Tenets of Islam

From Tammy Swofford:
I continue to read articles which shows signs of corruption with intermingling of research regarding Islamic State whilst combining an apologetic tone for a “true Islam”. 
Here is my current selection: 
Perspectives on Terrorism 
I feel like I have been to a Masquerade party. There is an embedded apologist tone which is first signaled in the final sentence of the Abstract. And the signal is sent again and again throughout the writing. It is subtle, but it is there. 
“While IS claims to represent true Islam, its cadres are in fact known for their ideologically twisted interpretation of Islam and ruthless treatment of fellow Muslims as well as subjugation of Christians and Yazidis.” (pp 96,97) 
“trainers rely on twisted interpretations from the Holy Quran and from more or less well known Hadiths… violent interpretations of Islam…” page 104 
My belief? You have to understand Islamic law to understand Islamic State. 
As I read the work of the researchers I note elements of Fard -the obligatory commands of Allah, and Hadd applications – within Islamic State day-to-day operations. 
Perhaps no place is this more glaringly apparent than in the story of the couple who were flogged because the man was allowed inside the outer gate of the home by the woman. 
The Hadd penalties involve the rights of Allah over man, as opposed to the rights of man over his fellow man. So these penalties are much more harsh. 
In the case of Arabic and the transliteration of Hadd for adultery the words are much different than the Judaic commands of the Ten Commandments which read, “Thou Shalt Not…” 
With adultery, the Arabic sounds softer but it is actually a harder stance. “Do not come near to adultery” then translates to a man standing inside a gate but still outside of the woman’s home. 
The couple “came near to” adultery, and must be punished.

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